Epilepsy consultation services are available at the request of primary care physicians, neurologists, neurosurgeons and other specialists.

Epilepsy Consultations

The MGH Epilepsy Service offers comprehensive clinical consultation for patients with seizures and related disorders. A referring physician usually initiates consultations. Neurology Outpatient Referral Form (PDF) (or MS Word file format.)

A referral letter outlining the issues allows us to optimize your visit. When you come for a consult, please bring all relevant medical records, films and EEGs (original data, not just reports), and a witness who can describe your events. If it is not possible for a witness to accompany you, please arrange for an individual who has seen your events to be available by telephone.

Second Opinion and Record Review

The MGH Epilepsy Service offers second opinion services to patients and physicians with complex neurological problems. Our goal is to work with patients and their local physicians to optimize diagnosis and care. We can provide opinions based on review of medical records, images and test data, or based on a comprehensive consultation including examination and discussion with the patient and family members.











Updated 10/18/2011