General Pediatric Neurology

General Pediatric Neurology physicians diagnose and treat all neurological disorders in children, infants and adolescents.

Our Approach

Neurologists in the General Pediatric Neurology clinics of the Mass General Hospital Neurology Department are trained in the diagnosis and treatment of pediatric neurological disorders and diseases from the most common to the most rare. Our pediatric neurologists specialize in certain conditions and diseases within pediatrics, so children who become patients here are matched with experts who can best serve each child’s needs. These Neurologists are also trained in adult Neurology, and many are Principal Investigators conducting basic science and clinical research to advance the diagnosis and treatment of their chosen subspecialty. Our physicians comprise the majority of Pediatric Neurologists at the MassGeneral Hospital for Children.

Several of our treatment programs feature a multidisciplinary approach that includes professionals from nutrition, psychology, child psychiatry, orthopedics, neurosurgery, and speech, occupational and physical therapy.

Pediatric neurologists on staff in the Neonatal and Intensive Care Unit (NICU) see patients with wide variety of neonatal and infant neurological problems, including developmental and neuromuscular problems and seizure disorders of infancy. To request an appointment please call 617-724-6400.

Education & Training

The Partners Child Neurology Residency Training is a three-year clinical training program that includes one year of mandated clinical adult neurology training. Our program includes exposure to basic science information as it applies to the nervous system and clinical neurology. It offers many opportunities to attend neuroscience lectures, and to interface with basic and translational scientists in and outside of the Neurology Department at Mass General and our affiliates, which include the Broad Institute, Harvard Medical School and MIT.  To learn more visit the Child Neurology Residency Program website.









Clinical Subspecialties

In addition to other common neurological conditions and disorders, the Massachusetts General Hospital Child Neurology Unit encompasses the following subspecialties.

Pediatric Clinical Services with Neurology & MassGeneral Hospital for Children

Dystonia Clinic, Ataxia Lysosomal Disease (Adult & Child)
Epilepsy Service Neurofibromatosis Clinic (Adult & Child)
Tuberous Sclerosis Complex, Herscot Center Neurogenetics Unit (Adult & Child)

Learning Disorders

Pediatric Neuromuscular Clinic
Leukodystrophy Service (Adult & Child) Stroke Service
Lurie Center for Autism Tourette Syndrome/Tic Disorders Clinic

Our Doctors

Our dedicated specialists diagnose and treat all neurological and neurogenetic conditions of infants, children and adolescents. We work in close alliance with our neurosurgical colleagues. Our neurologists are representative of the best of those practicing general pediatric neurology as well as pediatric neurology subspecialties.

Child NeurologistsClinical Interests

Bauman, Margaret, MD

  • Lurie Center for Autism
  • Behavioral disorders with a special emphasis upon autism and other disorders of socialization
Boes, Aaron, MD, PhD  
Caviness, Verne S., MD, DPHL
  • General Pediatric Neurology, developmental disorders

Chitnis, Tanuja, MD

  • Childhood onset multiple sclerosis
  • Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis
  • Transverse Myelitis
  • Optic Neuritis
Dooling, Elizabeth, MD
  • Neuro-oncology
  • Neuro-rehabilitation after head injury

Eichler, Florian, MD

  • Leukodystrophies
  • Neurometabolic Diseases
  • Multiple Sclerosis

Eskandar, Emad N., MD

  • Epilepsy
  • Neurosurgery
Gascon, Generoso Gutierrez, MD
  • General Pediatric Neurology

Gilmore, Edward C., MD

  • General Pediatric Neurology

Gorman, Mark Patrick, MD

  • General Pediatric Neurology
Joseph Glykys, MD, PhD
  • Neuromuscular Disorders
  • Muscular Dystrophy
  • Holtzman, S. David, MD

    • Epileptology
    • Mitochondrial Disorders
    • Neonatology
    Jones, Robin, MD
    • Neuro-oncology
    • Pain disorders
    • Headache
    • Seizures and Stroke
    Krishnamoorthy, Kalpathy, MD
    • Neonatology
    • Early Metabolic and Structural Developmental Disorders of the Central Nervous System
    • SIDS
    Lai, Florence, MD
    • Alzheimer's Disease in Down Syndrome
    • Attention Deficit Disorder
    • Learning Disabilities
    • Dyslexia 
    Leigh, Fawn A., MD
    • Pediatric Neurofibromatosis

    Mochida, Ganeshwaran H., MD

    • Developmental Malformations of the brain
    • Microcephaly
    • General Pediatric Neurology

    Morgan, Amy K., MD

    • Epilepsy Service
    • Psychology Assessment Center
    Patricia Musolino, MD, PhD
  • Neuromuscular Disorders
  • Muscular Dystrophy
  • Neumeyer, Ann, MD
    • Neuromuscular Disorders
    • Muscular Dystrophy
    • Disorders of Socialization and Learning
    Plotkin, Scott, MD
    • Pediatric Neurofibromatosis
    Sassower, Kenneth, MD
    • Sleep Disorders
    • Epilepsy
    Sims, Katherine, MD
    • Neurogenetics
    • Lysosomal Storage Disorders
    • Mitochondrial Disorders
    • Norrie Disease
    • Dystonia
    • Enzyme Replacement
    • Developmental Delay
    • NCL Disorders
    Staley, Kevin, MD
    • General Child Neurology
    • Neonatal Seizures
    Thiele, Elizabeth, MD
    • Pediatric Epilepsy
    • Tuberous Sclerosis Complex
    Thibert, Ronald L., DO, MSPH
    • Pediatric Epilepsy
    Waugh, Jeffrey, MD

    Wheeler, Thurman, MD

    Affiliated Neurologists at Mass General HospitalClinical Interests
    Schmahmann, Jeremy, MD
    • Ataxia
    Sharma, Nutan, MD
    • Dystonia
    • Movement Disorders
    Affiliated Neurologists at North Shore Children's Hospital Clinical Interests

    North Shore Children's Hospital

    Hart, Edward, MD
    • Neurology
    Oppenheimer, Edgar, MD
    • Neurology

    Related Services

    As part of our multidisciplinary approach, patients may receive evaluations and treatment from the following related services. 

    Related Services 
    Child psychiatry Ophthalmology
    Educational testing Orthopedics
    Metabolic genetics Pharmacology
    Neurophysiology Physical therapy
    Neuropsychiatric Psychology
    Neurorehabilitation Sleep disorders
    Neurosurgery Speech and language testing
    Nutrition Speech therapy
    Occupational therapy  

    Pediatric Neurology Residency Program

    The Partners Child Neurology Residency Program is a three-year program designed to provide residents with clinical training in child neurology, including one year of mandated clinical adult neurology training. Our program offers many opportunities to attend neuroscience lectures, and to interface with basic and translational scientists in the Neurology Department, Massachusetts General Hospital and affiliated institutions, including the Broad Institute, Harvard Medical School, MIT and other Boston-area academic institutions.

    This program also has NIH funding options available for Pediatric Neurology including R25, and K12 grants.

    Updated 5/10/2013


    Ataxia causes a failure of muscle control in the arms and legs which may result in a lack of balance, coordination and possibly a disturbance in gait.

    Ataxia Telangiectasia (A-T)

    Ataxia telangiectasia is a rare childhood disease that affects the nervous system and some other body systems.

    Attention-Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder

    ADHD, also called attention-deficit disorder, is a behavior disorder, usually first diagnosed in childhood, that is characterized by inattention, impulsivity, and, in some cases, hyperactivity.

    Autistic Spectrum Disorder

    Autism spectrum disorder is a neurological and developmental disorder that usually appears during the first three years of life.

    Epilepsy and Seizures

    Epilepsy is a neurological condition involving the brain that makes people more susceptible to having seizures.


    Narcolepsy is a chronic, neurological sleep disorder with no known cause. It involves the body's central nervous system. Narcolepsy is a genetic disorder, but what causes narcolepsy is not yet known.

    Sleep Apnea

    Sleep apnea is a serious breathing disorder that causes brief interruptions of breathing during sleep.


    Stroke, also called brain attack, occurs when blood flow to the brain is disrupted.

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    MGH Hotline 08.28.09 Many associate autism with children, but the complex disorder is a lifelong condition affecting a growing population of adults.

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    Clinical Staff ContactsIf you are not sure of what type of services you need or would like general information, please call the pediatric neurology Patient Service Coordinator at 617-724-6400.

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