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Study suggests neurobiological basis of human-pet relationship

How closely does the relationship between people and their non-human companions mirror the parent-child relationship? A small study from a group of MGH researchers contributes to answering this complex question by investigating differences in how important brain structures are activated when women view images of their children and of their own dogs.. Read more.

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12/16/14: New method identifies genome-wide off-target cleavage sites of CRISPR-Cas nucleases MGH investigators have developed a method of detecting, across the entire genome of human cells, unwanted DNA breaks induced by use of the popular gene-editing tools called CRISPR-Cas RNA-guided nucleases.

12/16/14: Single genetic abnormality accelerates, removes the brakes on Ewing sarcoma tumor growth The genetic abnormality that drives the bone cancer Ewing sarcoma operates through two distinct processes – both activating genes that stimulate tumor growth and suppressing those that should keep cancer from developing.

12/10/14: Targeting mitochondrial enzyme may reduce chemotherapy drug’s cardiac side effects MGH investigators have identified two compounds that appear, in cellular and animal models, to block the cardiac damage caused by the important chemotherapy drug doxorubicin.

12/09/14: Long-term results confirm success of MGH-developed laser treatment for vocal-cord cancer The first long-term study of a pioneering endoscopic laser treatment for early vocal-cord cancer, developed at MGH and previously shown to provide optimal voice outcomes, finds that it is as successful as traditional approaches in curing patients’ tumors while avoiding the damage to vocal quality caused by conventional treatments.

12/09/14: Altered movement of white blood cells may predict sepsis in patients with major burns A team of MGH investigators has identified what may be a biomarker predicting the development of the dangerous systemic infection sepsis in patients with serious burns.

12/8/14: Solid-state proteins maximize the intensity of fluorescent-protein-based lasers The MGH research team that developed the first laser based on a living cell has shown that use of fluorescent proteins in a solid form greatly increases the intensity of light produced, an accomplishment that takes advantage of natural protein structures surrounding the light-emitting portions of the protein molecules.

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12/05/2014: Patient is released after being checked for Ebola at MGH Boston Globe
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12/05/2014: Suspected Ebola patient cleared of disease, released from Mass General Boston Business Journal

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12/04/2014: Massachusetts General Hospital spent $1 million preparing for Ebola Boston Business Journal
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12/04/2014: Mass. DPH eyeing dozens for Ebola Boston Herald
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