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7/27/15: Gene therapy may improve survival of patients with recurrent ovarian cancer Use of gene therapy to deliver a protein that suppresses the development of female reproductive organs may improve the survival of patients with ovarian cancer that has recurred after chemotherapy, which happens 70 percent of the time and is invariably fatal.

7/14/15: New guidelines for statin eligibility improve prediction of cardiovascular risk The current guidelines for determining whether patients should begin taking statins to prevent cardiovascular disease are more accurate and more efficient than earlier guidelines in assigning treatment to those at increased risk for cardiovascular events and identifying those whose low risk rules out the need to take the drugs.

7/13/15: Study of IRB members’ industry relationships finds improvement, but some issues persist A follow-up to a 2005 study of industry relationships among members of Institutional Review Boards at academic health centers finds both improvements in the management of such relationships and the persistence of problems such as IRB members’ voting on protocols with which they may have conflicts of interest.

7/08/15: Mass. General study suggests that medication could improve gastric bypass results New findings about the mechanisms involved – or not involved – in the effects of the most common form of bariatric surgery suggest that combining surgery with a specific type of medication could augment the benefits of the procedure.

7/07/15: Mass. General study identifies characteristic EEG pattern of high-dose nitrous oxide anesthesia A report from MGH investigators finds that EEG patterns of patients receiving high doses of nitrous oxide differ significantly from those of the same patients under ether-based inhaled anesthetics, findings that suggest how nitrous oxide produces its effects and may help explain the failure of the first attempt to demonstrate anesthesia at MGH.

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