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8/27/15: Survey finds many physicians overestimate their ability to assess patients’ risk of Ebola While most primary care physicians responding to a survey expressed confidence in their knowledge of Ebola risks, when asked how they would care for hypothetical patients who might have been exposed to Ebola, 30 percent or more gave answers contrary to CDC guidelines.

8/18/15: MGH names Maria J. Troulis, DDS, MSc, next chief of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Maria J. Troulis, DDS, MSc, has been named chief of the MGH Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. She also will serve as the next Walter C. Guralnick Professor and chair of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at Harvard School of Dental Medicine.

8/17/15: Study reveals effects of chemoradiation in brains of glioblastoma patients An MGH Cancer Center study – the first to examine the effects of combined radiation and chemotherapy on the healthy brain tissue of glioblastoma patients – reveals not only specific structural changes within patients’ brains but also that the effect of cancer therapy on the normal brain appears to be progressive and continues even after radiation therapy has ceased.

8/13/15: Screening for breast/ovarian cancer risk genes other than BRCA1/2 can change clinical recommendations A study by researchers at three academic medical centers has shown that screening women with a suspected risk of hereditary breast or ovarian cancer for risk-associated genes other than BRCA1 and 2 provides information that can change clinical recommendations for patients and their family members.

8/13/15: Studies reveal how general anesthesia’s brain effects differ in older adults and in children A series of papers from MGH researchers is detailing the differences in the way common anesthetics affect the brains of older patients and children, findings that could lead to ways of improving monitoring technology and the safety of general anesthesia for such patients.

8/10/15: Mass. General-led team identifies first gene that causes mitral valve prolapse An international research collaboration led by MGH investigators has identified the first gene in which mutations cause the common form of mitral valve prolapse, a heart valve disorder that affects almost 2.5 percent of the population.

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