In this week's issue, "MGH celebrates 200-year anniversary of the Circular Letter," "MGH history book to commemorate bicentennial," "The Building for the Third Century: A hallmark of the future," and more.

Stories in the 08/20/2010 Issue of Hotline

A lasting tribute to two centuries of generosity

MGH Hotline 8.20.10 DURING THE BICENTENNIAL YEAR, the MGH will erect a donor wall to honor and thank the people behind generous gifts that have transformed the hospital over the last 200 years.

Bicentennial Corner 8.20.10

MGH Hotline 8.20.10 THE WAR OF 1812 made fundraising for the hospital difficult, resulting in a 10-year gap between the signing of the MGH charter and the opening of the hospital.

In General Awards and Honors 8.20.10

MGH Hotline 8.20.10 The Urgent Care Center at the MGH Chelsea HealthCare Center recently became the first Urgent Care Association of America (UCAOA)-certified center in Massachusetts.

MGH Bicentennial Intranet Toolkit

MGH Hotline 8.20.10 ALL THE TOOLS any MGHer needs to "bicentennialize" his or her MGH documents, presentations and giveaways are now available in the MGH Bicentennial Intranet Toolkit at

MGH celebrates 200-year anniversary of the Circular Letter

MGH Hotline 8.20.10 ON AUG. 20, 1810, Drs. James Jackson and John Collins Warren circulated to the good people of Boston, a petition calling for the establishment of a hospital

MGH history book to commemorate bicentennial

MGH Hotline 8.20.10 AS PART OF the MGH's bicentennial celebrations, a commemorative book covering the hospital's unique beginnings and illustrious history will be published in 2011.

Padihershef comes to life on Facebook

MGH Hotline 8.20.10 IN HONOR OF the MGH bicentennial, the MGH’s longtime resident of the Ether Dome, Egyptian mummy Padihershef, has created a Facebook page at

The Building for the Third Century: A hallmark of the future

MGH Hotline 8.20.10 AS THE MGH COMMUNITY marks the 200th anniversary of the Circular Letter and takes a moment to remember its rich past, MGHers also look to the future and the opportunities available in the coming years.


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