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12/31/2011: Should we erase painful memories?
book excerpt mentions study by MGH investigator Roger Pitman

12/31/2011: Drug shortage forces some hospitals to use 'gray market'

Berkshire Eagle
quotes MGH physician Paul Biddinger

12/29/2011: Community health and the ACO

Short White Coat/
commentary by MGH resident Ishani Ganguli

12/29/2011: Boston Tops List Of Drunkest U.S. Cities Of 2011

WBZ-TV, Ch. 4
video report includes comments from MGH psychologist John Kelly

12/29/2011: New Year's Resolutions: Tips To Quit Smoking

WFXT-TV, Ch. 25
video report includes interview with MGH nurse Nancy McCleary

12/29/2011: NSCLC Chemo Rates Unchanged With Early Palliative Care

MedPage Today
coverage of study led by MGH investigator Joseph Greer

12/29/2011: State reports detail 11 patient deaths linked to alarm fatigue in Massachusetts

Boston Globe
lists MGH patient deaths related to alarm fatigue or malfunction

12/28/2011: Avastin could buy time in battle with ovarian cancer

NBC Nightly News
features comments from MGH physician Michael Birrer

12/28/2011: Parents show modest gains after smoking programs

quotes MGHfC physician Jonathan Winickoff

12/28/2011: Don't Go To Work Without Your...Lipstick?

Forbes Magazine
coverage of study by MGH investigator Nancy Etcoff

12/28/2011: Prescription drug abuse continues to pop up in unlikely places

Reporter News (Abilene, Texas)
coverage of study led by MGH physician Anupam B. Jena

12/28/2011: Epidurals Linked to Paralysis Seen With $300 Billion Pain Market

Bloomberg News
quotes MGH physician James Rathmell l

12/27/2011: The Top 5 Health Stories that Got Us Talking in 2011

quotes MGH physician Laura Riley and mentions physician Daniel Kopans

12/26/2011: Hospitals Move To Curb Elective Early Deliveries

National Public Radio
quotes MGH physician Jeff Ecker

12/26/2011: Prominent Bostonians share secrets on staying healthy

Boston Globe
article includes MGH investigator Rudolph Tanzi among prominent Bostonians

12/26/2011: The Vocal Chord Guru

Harvard Crimson
covers the work of MGH physician Steven Zeitels

12/26/2011: Health insurers slow rise in fees

Boston Globe
mentions agreement reached by Blue Cross and Partners

12/24/2011: MGH interns give Santa his annual medical workup

Boston Globe
features 'Santa Claus's' traditional admission to MGH

12/24/2011: HMS Student Receives Rhodes Scholarship

Harvard Crimson
quotes MGH physician Vanessa Kerry

12/23/2011: Possible New Treatment for Huntington’s Disease

Ivanhoe Newschannel
coverage of study led by MGH investigator Dimitri Krainc