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07/07/2014: Doctors ordering kids to get outside

Boston Globe
quotes MGHfC physician Christina Scirica

07/07/2014: How Technology Can Help And Hinder Kids

Greater Boston/WGBH-TV, Ch. 2
video report featuring MGH physician Steven Schlozman

07/07/2014: The Risks of Hospital Mergers

New York Times
editorial discusses formation and impact of Partners, current interactions with state Attorney General’s office

07/07/2014: NY Times Sees Partners Merger As Cautionary Tale For Obamacare Era

blog entry on Times editorial

07/05/2014: Managing pain without painkillers

Boston Globe
mentions mid-20th century research of MGH physician Henry Beecher

07/05/2014: Fireman dream made a reality

Boston Herald
coverage related to MGHfC Cancer Center patient

07/05/2014: Feds step up move for access to Narcan

Gloucester Times
mentions program administered through MGH

07/04/2014: 4 cases of viral disease reported, officials say

Boston Globe
quotes MGH physician Jeffrey Gelfand

07/04/2014: 75 years after Gehrig speech, slow progress treating ALS

USA Today
quotes MGH physician Merit Cudkowicz

07/04/2014: High Hopes

Science Magazine
quotes MGH psychologist John Kelly

07/03/2014: Settlement with broad implications no longer clear

Boston Globe

07/03/2014: Higher health costs eyed after merger

Boston Herald

07/03/2014: In US, 'Disconnect' in Prostate Cancer Surveillance

Medscape News
quotes MGH physician Anthony Zietman

07/03/2014: Nutritional values signaled with traffic light code

CBC News (Canada)
quotes MGH physician Anne Thorondike

07/03/2014: Increased Risk of Symptomatic Hemorrhage in Patients With Lobar Microbleeds

Reuters Health
coverage of study led by MGH physician Edip Gurol

07/03/2014: Don't Be Fooled: 5 Probiotics Myths
quotes MGHfC physician Patricia Hibberd

07/03/2014: Brains of Adults With Remitted vs Persistent ADHD Are Structurally Different

Reuters Health
coverage of study co-authored by MGH physician Joseph Biederman

07/03/2014: Achieving a nanny state at the hospital bedside

Boston Globe
letter in response to article on MGH substance abuse screening program

07/02/2014: State panel deals challenge to another Partners hospital merger

Boston Globe

07/02/2014: Opinion: Time To Lift The Black Box Warning On Antidepressants

blog entry by MGH physicians Steven Schlozman and Eugene Beresin


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