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11/12/2014: MGH's Ebola Treatment Plan Includes Robots And Remote Controls

Greater Boston/WGBH-TV, Ch. 2
video report featuring MGH physicians Paul Biddinger and Julian Goldman

11/12/2014: Flawed gene may cut heart disease risk

Boston Globe
coverage of study led by MGH investigator Sekar Kathiresan

11/12/2014: Researchers Find Gene Mutation That May Protect Against Heart Disease

HealthDay News

11/12/2014: Rare Mutation Mimicked by Merck’s Zetia Cuts Heart Risk

Bloomberg News

11/12/2014: Gene error 'reduces heart attack and cholesterol risk'

BBC News

11/12/2014: Mutation link to lower cholesterol

Press Association (U.K.)

11/12/2014: 'Inactivating' NPC1L1 Mutations Lower LDL Levels and Protect Against CHD

Medscape News

11/12/2014: Interview with Dr. Jennifer Woo Baidal on nutrition, childhood obesity, and the battle over school-lunch standards.

New England Journal of Medicine
podcast featuring MGHfC/Children's Hospital physician

11/12/2014: The Pros and Cons of Therapeutic Touch for Anxiety Relief

Everyday Health
article quotes MGH investigator Amanda Coakley

11/11/2014: Boston doc: Science, not quarantines, key to Ebola fight

Boston Herald
article quotes MGH physician Paul Biddinger

11/11/2014: Understanding And Treating PTSD In The Military

WUNC/ North Carolina Public Radio
article and audio report features physician Peg Harvey of the Red Sox Foundation/MGH Home Base Program

11/11/2014: Medal of Honor recipient still saving lives

Boston Globe
article mentions recipient’s participation in Red Sox Foundation/MGH Home Base event

11/11/2014: MIT, Mass. General team up for new microbiome center

Cambridge Chronicle
coverage of center co-led by MGH investigator Ramnik Xavier

11/11/2014: Whooping Cough Vaccine Seems Safe in Pregnancy, Study Finds

HealthDay News
quotes MGH physician Laura Riley

11/11/2014: 8 Things Your Sleep Habits Say About You

Prevention Magazine
quotes MGH physician John Winkelman

11/11/2014: Expert Opinion: Medicare to Cover Lung Cancer Screening

MedPage Today
quotes MGH physician Inga Lennes

11/11/2014: Secondhand Smoke Risk to Cardiac Patients Underappreciated

Medscape News
coverage of study led by MGH investigator Nancy Rigotti

11/11/2014: Phosphorescent Bandage Helps Wound Assessment
coverage of study led by MGH investigator Conor Evans

11/11/2014: UMass Medical prof wins key science award

Worcester Business Journal
coverage of Breakthrough Prize to MGH investigator Gary Ruvkun

11/11/2014: 2015 Breakthrough Prizes recipients: The stars recognized for their achievements in physics, mathematics and life sciences

Tech Times