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04/15/2014: MGH doctor: Our job today is to remember the victims

video report featuring MGH physician David King

04/15/2014: Around the city, a pause to remember and honor

Boston Globe
describes MGH Chaplaincy service, quotes chaplain Katrina Scott

04/15/2014: Live Coverage on the Anniversary of the Boston Marathon Bombings

The Lede/New York Times Online
includes link to video of MGH first responders

04/15/2014: MGH remembers Boston Marathon bombings

(video) –
video of service led by John Polk of MGH Chaplaincy, includes comments from chief nurse Jeanette Ives Erickson

04/15/2014: Boston Hospitals Reflect With Pride On Marathon Bombing Response

quotes MGH emergency preparedness director David Reisman, ED nursing director Maryfran Hughes, physicians David King and Paul Biddinger

04/15/2014: Broadside: Mass. General SVP reflects on bombing

video interview with MGH senior vice president Ann Prestipino

04/15/2014: For a Boston surgeon and marathoner, this year's race is a chance to move on

The World/Public Radio International
interview with MGH physician David King

04/15/2014: WBUR Oral History Project: Dr. David King

Our Marathon/Northeastern University & WBUR

04/15/2014: Marathon Reflection: How To Raise Secure Children In An Insecure World?

article written by MGH physicians Paula Rauch and Eugene Beresin

04/15/2014: ER doc recounts 'shocking' aftermath of Boston Marathon bombing

WTOP-TV (Washington, D.C.)
interview with former MGH resident Leana Wen

04/15/2014: TV Can Disrupt Sleep in Young Children
coverage of study led by MGH physician Elsie Taveras

04/15/2014: Longer TV hours linked to reduced sleep in children

Press TV (Iran)

04/15/2014: Casual marijuana use creates brain changes, new report shows

Boston Globe
coverage of study led by MGH investigators Jodi Gilman, Anne Blood and Hans Breiter

04/15/2014: Study Links Casual Marijuana Use to Changes in Brain

HealthDay News

04/15/2014: Even Recreational Marijuana May Be Linked To Brain Changes

04/15/2014: Marijuana Re-Shapes Brains of Users, Study Claims

NBC News

04/15/2014: Study suggests casual marijuana users may get brain changes that foreshadow later trouble

Associated Press

04/15/2014: Recreational Pot Use Harmful to Young People’s Brains

Time Magazine

04/15/2014: Casual marijuana use linked with brain abnormalities, study finds

Fox News

04/15/2014: Study: Marijuana May Change the Brain in Young Adults

Boston Magazine


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