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07/01/2015: Implanted drug improves tolerance of sunlight in rare condition

Reuters Health
quotes MGH physician David Fisher

07/01/2015: Boston hospitals received $159M from drug and device firms last year

Boston Business Journal
mentions MGH’s payments from drug and medical device companies

07/01/2015: Hepatitis C reports ‘only ‘tip of iceberg’

Boston Herald
coverage of study led by MGH investigator Arthur Kim

06/30/2015: Most U.S. Hepatitis C Infections May Be Missed: Study

HealthDay News

06/30/2015: Antibiotics and the Gut Microbiome

The Scientist
quotes MGH investigator Lee Kaplan

06/30/2015: Alzheimer-Like Brain Abnormalities Seen in Kids

MedPage Today
coverage of study led by MGH investigator Yakeel Quiroz

06/30/2015: How This Surgical Robot Helps Neurosurgeons Treat Brain Disorders

mentions MGH’s use of surgical robots

06/29/2015: Hep C Estimates Could Be Way Off

Daily Rx
coverage of study led by MGH investigator Arthur Kim

06/29/2015: Public health surveillance system may underestimate cases of acute hepatitis C infection


06/29/2015: Study suggests less than 1% of acute HCV cases reported to the CDC


06/29/2015: Two new Boston medical TV series are heading to ABC
coverage of MGH’s involvement in the ABC series Save My Life: Boston Trauma, includes photo of MGH nurse Mike O'Donnell

06/29/2015: ABC News Will Launch Two Boston Medical Documentaries In July


06/29/2015: Boston-based ABC medical shows to premier in July

Boston Business Journal

06/29/2015: ABC News to Bow Two Medical Docuseries in July

Broadcasting & Cable

06/29/2015: LEVANT 2 published: DCB superior to standard angioplasty for treatment of PAD

Cardiology Today
coverage of study led by MGH investigator Kenneth Rosenfield

06/29/2015: New CDH leader propels culture shift

Daily Hampshire Gazette (Northampton, Mass.)
mentions MGH affiliation with Cooley-Dickinson Hospital

06/28/2015: How to Stick With Good Habits Even When Your Willpower Is Gone

Huffington Post
coverage of 2012 study led by MGH investigator Anne Thorndike

06/28/2015: A complex disease

The Star (Malaysia)
mentions study led by MGH investigator Khalid Shah

06/27/2015: Destination for reluctant but hopeful travelers

Boston Globe
MGH mentioned among hospitals competing with Mayo Clinic for international patients

06/26/2015: Full-time workers should move for 2 hours during shifts

Boston Globe
quotes MGH physical therapist Donna Scarborough


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