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10/20/2014: Watching movie sex and violence may desensitize parents: study

Reuters Health
quotes MGHfC physician Jeanne Van Cleave

10/20/2014: 'Desensitized' Parents Let Kids Watch More Movie Violence, Sex

HealthDay News

10/20/2014: New Screening Test For Colon Cancer Approved

WBZ-TV, Ch. 4
video report featuring MGH physician Andrew Chan

10/20/2014: For Infertility Treatment, Should He Drink Less Coffee, More Booze?

HealthDay News
coverage of meeting presentation by MGH investigator Anatte Karmon

10/20/2014: Drink beer, not coffee, if you want to father children

Irish Independent

10/20/2014: Drink alcohol and eat meat in moderation to improve male fertility, sexual function: Study

Dheli Daily News (India)

10/20/2014: Pint of beer a day can double men’s fertility, researchers say

Newscorp Australia

10/20/2014: Caffeine Could Seriously Harm Men's Fertility: Should We All Just Quit?

Yahoo Lifestyle U.K.

10/20/2014: An Expert Explains Why You’re Scared of Creepy Clowns and Other Horror Tropes
quotes MGH physician Steven Schlozman

10/20/2014: Medical Matters: An effective, if unpalatable, gut function treatment

Irish Times
coverage of study led by MGH investigators Elizabeth Hohmann and Ilan Youngster

10/19/2014: U.S. hospitals gird for Ebola panic as flu season looms

quotes MGH physician Paul Biddinger

10/19/2014: Cracking a memory mystery

Boston Globe Magazine
article written by former MGH resident Allan Ropper, mentions 1970s physicians C. Miller Fisher and Raymond D. Adams

10/19/2014: Two cups of coffee a day can harm fertility

The Telegraph (U.K.)
coverage of meeting presentation by MGH investigator Anatte Karmon

10/19/2014: A pint of beer a day 'can double men's fertility': But coffee and being vegetarian cuts odds of conceiving

Daily Mail (U.K.)

10/19/2014: Celiac disease is not reduced by breast feeding or delaying the introduction of gluten

Current Medicine TV
video report featuring MGH investigator Alessio Fasano

10/19/2014: Cutting through the hype surrounding gluten

Current Medicine TV

10/19/2014: Alzheimer’s researchers says hunt for a cure has taken an ‘optimistic’ turn

Cape Cod Times
coverage of presentation by MGH investigator Rudolph Tanzi

10/19/2014: How a Wiki Is Keeping Direct-to-Consumer Genetics Alive

Technology Review
mentions website maintained by MGH research fellow Konrad Karczewski

10/19/2014: Health: A New Face On Medical Care

Hartford Courant
quotes MGH physician Joseph Kvedar

10/19/2014: Hit the brakes on Partners HealthCare deal

Boston Globe
op-ed piece by former MGH physician and gubernatorial candidate Donald Berwick