Billing & Insurance

Massachusetts General Hospital is dedicated to ensuring patients understand the hospital's billing process and the financial aid resources available to them.

Billing Services

In order to provide you with the most complete and accurate billing services, please bring the following information to each Mass General appointment:

1. Photo ID

2. Your Mass General Medical Record Number (MRN)

3. Current insurance information

4. A copy of your referral from your primary care physician

5. Any required payments or copayments

The Billing Process

Patients are billed as soon as possible after their physician’s appointment or hospital stay at Massachusetts General Hospital. Typically, bills are not sent until all insurance claims have been processed. Patients from outside the United States should be prepared to settle their account when they are discharged.

Patients might receive two different bills - a hospital bill and a physician bill - depending on the services they receive. Patients are not billed more than once for the same service.

  • Mass General bills patients for hospital-based procedures and hospital stays including room rate, medical supplies, medication and services performed by hospital personnel
  • The Massachusetts General Physicians Organization (MGPO) bills for doctor’s appointments and related expenses with Mass General staff physicians and clinicians

Once a bill is received, patients are given 20 to 30 days to pay their bills in full, depending on the procedure or service. The due date will be noted on your bill.

Mass General can arrange flexible payment options and might be able to offer no-interest payment plans upon request.

Hospital Billing

Patients will receive one monthly statement for all services from the hospital. If you are recieving ongoing care at Mass General, you will be billed monthly. Bills from the Massachusetts General Physicians Organization (MGPO) must be paid separately.

If you have questions about your hospital bill, contact a Mass General billing customer service representative at 617-726-4098 or via e-mail at

MGPO Billing

Patients will receive a separate bill from the MGPO for services provided by Mass General staff physicians and specialists. These charges are billed by the MGPO, not Mass General.  Patients will be billed for services with each individual physician as soon as possible.

You might notice charges for services you were not aware of, such as pathology tests or other diagnostic services. These charges will be explained on your bill. Bills from Massachusetts General Hospital must be paid separately.

If you have questions about your MGPO bill, contact the MGPO Customer Service Department at 617-726-2040.

Payment Estimates

In some cases, patients can obtain estimates for your appointment or upcoming procedure from Mass General or MGPO. Please check with your physician or contact the Financial Access Unit at 617-726-6828 for more information.

Uninsured Patients

Uninsured (or “self-pay”) patients will typically receive an initial itemized (by revenue code/category) statement for hospital services approximately 10 days after discharge.

Uninsured patients can be eligible for discounted fees. Check with your physician or contact Patient Financial Services at 617-726-2171. Partners HealthCare can also provide assistance to uninsured patients who have limited financial resources. Learn more


Financial Access Unit

The Financial Access Unit will verify insurance coverage and benefits for patients who have been scheduled for a procedure or hospital stay. The Financial Access Unit also works directly with physicians’ offices and insurance companies to confirm that all required referrals and authorizations have been approved prior a patient’s visit. Contact the Financial Access Unit at 617-726-6828 if you have any insurance authorization questions or concerns.

Patient Billing and Financial Asstance

Mass General offers several programs for patients who are underinsured or who do not have insurance coverage. Patient Financial Services provides counselors who can assist patients with applying for state-funded programs such as MassHealth and Free Care Programs. Counselors who specialize with outpatients, inpatients and emergency room visits also are available. Patient Financial Services has two locations on the main campus, in the Outpatient Registration Department and on the ground floor of the Wang Ambulatory Care Center. To speak with Patient Financial Services, call 617-726-2171.

Partners HealthCare can assist uninsured and underinsured patients who have limited financial resources to pay their medical bills for treatment at Mass General. Learn more

Admitting Office

The staff in the Admitting Office notifies insurance companies of a patient’s pending surgery or hospital admission to obtain prior approval. During this process, someone from the Admitting Office will contact patients to ensure all necessary information has been received. If you have any questions concerning this process, please call the Mass General Admitting Office at 617-726-3393.

Insurance plans - what you need to know

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