Our Philosophy

We believe that the essence of nursing practice is caring, caring which is a science and an art, is deliverable, teachable, researchable, is accomplished with wisdom, knowledge, compassion and competence. We believe that the clinical practice of nursing is built on a scientific base, that evaluation of nursing practice is a professional responsibility that critical thinking and scientific inquiry are essential to the improvement of quality practice. We believe that we have the responsibility to educate ourselves and to educate others to expand our knowledge and expertise to share this growing body of knowledge to provide such opportunities to the greater health care community.

Our Staff

As nurses, health professionals and Patient Care Services support staff, our every action is guided by knowledge, enabled by skill, and motivated by compassion. Patients are our primary focus and the way we deliver care reflects that focus every day.

We believe in creating a practice environment that has no barriers, is built on a spirit of inquiry, and reflects a culturally competent workforce supportive of the patient-focused values of this institution.

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