Dr. Leonard Kaban threw out the first pitch at Fenway Park when the RedSox kept their August 21st appointment with rival team New York Yankees.

Dr. Leonard Kaban throws out 1st pitch at RedSox game

Dr. Leonard Kaban sports a new use for his well-trained hands


As if a pennant race and a classic rivalry weren't dramatic enough, the RedSox invited New York native and long-time Boston resident Dr. Leonard Kaban to toss out the first pitch at the August 21st match up between the NY Yankees and the Boston RedSox at Fenway Park.   Clad in a specially fabricated jersey emblazoned with "KABAN" across the back, the Mass General's chief of oral and maxillofacial surgery looked confident during his warm-up pitches on the sidelines.  Dr. Kaban's starting pitch to David Ortiz turned out to be the highlight of the game; a soap-star suffered a "lyric malfunction" during her rendition of the National Anthem and the RedSox succumbed to the Yankees in a bitter 21-11 defeat.

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