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Our Best of Boston Foot & Ankle surgeons provide personalized and compassionate patient care. Our Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants practice medicine with physician supervision and are licensed by the State of Massachusetts. 

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Advanced Practitioners

  • Brian Abbott, PA-CWaltham (Mon, Tues)  |  NWH (Wed)  |  Boston (Thur, Fri)

    Brian Abbott, PA-C

    Brian is a PA for the Foot & Ankle Center. He works with Dr. Christopher DiGiovanni caring for all patients with orthopaedic foot and ankle injuries & deformities in the office, as well as assisting in the operating room.

  • Julia Kurker, NPDanvers (Mon, Thur)  |  Boston (Wed)  |  Waltham (Fri)

    Julia Kurker, NP

    Julia works closely with Dr. Johnson in the Foot & Ankle Center. She sees new, follow-up, pre-operative and post-operative patients with foot and ankle injuries.

  • Kayla McKinnon, PA-CBoston (Mon - Fri)

    Kayla McKinnon, NP

    Kayla works with Dr. George Theodore. She sees knee, ankle and foot injuries in the office and assists in the operating room.

  • Kayla Quinn, NP (inpatient)Boston (Mon - Wed, Fri)

    Kayla Quinn, NP

    Kayla provides inpatient care for the diverse group of patients in the Orthopaedic Oncology Service and Foot & Ankle Center. Her critical care experience enables her to manage complex medical and surgical issues.


  • Gregory Waryasz, MD

    Gregory Waryasz, MD
  • Mark Yakavonis, MD

    Mark Yakavonis, MD