Our Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants practice medicine with physician supervision and are licensed by the State of Massachusetts. They are an integral part of every medical and surgical practice. They provide an invaluable service in coordinating pre- and post-operative care of patients, and some assist in surgery.

Lisa Beyer, PA, Spine Service

Lisa Beyer, PA-C - Spine

Lisa's duties include coordinating and triaging care, pre- and post-op care, office visits, pre-operative assessments, and educating patients and their families. She is actively involved in clinical research studies in the Spine Service.

Kathleen Burns, NP, Trauma Service

Kathleen Burns, NP - Trauma

Kathy cares for orthopedic trauma patients from time of admission throughout their hospital stay. She works closely with the interdisciplinary trauma team to provide comprehensive care and meet the individual needs of patients.

Janet Dorrwachter, NP, Adult Reconstructive Surgery Service

Janet Dorrwachter, NP - Hip & Knee

Janet works with Drs. Malchau and Kwon seeing total hip and knee replacement patients. She coordinates research studies for the Hip & Knee Replacement Service.

Aimee Edgar, NP, Shoulder Service

Aimee Edgar, NP - Shoulder

As a former US Alpine ski team member, Aimee's goal is to help patients get back to their active lifestyle. Aimee believes that activity improves quality of life, whether it is through sports, a laboring profession, or hobbies.

Anne Fiore, NP, Orthopaedic Oncology Service

Anne Fiore, NP - Oncology

Anne works with the oncology surgeons to support, educate, manage care and navigate patients and families through the health care system. She cares for all patients with primary bone or soft tissue tumors, as well as metastatic disease.

Lorelei Francis, PA-C, Spine, Oncology

Lorelei Francis, PA-C - Spine, Oncology

Lorelei works with Dr. Schwab, seeing spine and oncology patients in clinic and assisting in the OR. She works with patients from diagnosis, through surgery, to post-op follow-up, providing continuity of care throughout treatment.

Tistia Gaston, PA-C, Sports Medicine Service

Tistia Gaston, PA-C - Sports Medicine

Tistia is a PA for Dr. Matthew Provencher, Chief of Sports Medicine. She has worked side-by-side with Dr. Provencher for more than eight years. She performs clinical duties and assists in OR. Her experience is with complex shoulders and knees.

Erin Hart, NP, Pediatric Orthopaedic Service

Erin Hart, NP - Pediatrics

Erin works with all four pediatric orthopaedic surgeons providing care for all pediatric orthopaedic patients. She also works as an editorial board member for the Orthopaedic Nursing Journal and publishes numerous articles each year.

Sean Hazzard, PA, Sports Medicnie Service

Sean Hazzard, PA - Sports Medicine

Sean is a PA for the Sports Medicine Service. He works with Dr. Peter Asnis caring for patients in the office and operating room, as well as assisting Dr. Asnis with the medical care of assorted professional sports teams.

Julia Kurker, NP, Foot & Ankle Service

Julia Kurker, NP - Foot & Ankle

Julia works closely with Dr. Johnson and Dr. Kwon in the Foot & Ankle Service. She sees follow-up, pre-operative and post-operative patients with orthopaedic foot and ankle injuries.

Marilyn Maguire, NP, Spine, Hand & Upper Extremity and Sports Medicine Services

Marilyn Maguire, NP - Hand, Spine, Sports Medicine

Marilyn is the inpatient NP for the Hand & Upper Extremity, Spine and Sports Medicine services.

Emily Mulla, NP, Hip and Knee Replacement Service

Emily Mulla, NP - Hip & Knee

Emily is the inpatient NP for the Hip & Knee Replacement service. She takes care of patients and families from admission through their hospital course. She has experience in a variety of surgical specialties and settings.

Brian Petrone, PA, Sports Medicine Service

Brian Petrone, PA-C - Sports Medicine

Brian works closely with Dr. Tom Gill. He provides care for both surgical and non-surgical patients.

Kayla Quinn, NP, Oncology, Foot and Ankle, Sports Medicine Services

Kayla Quinn, NP - Foot & Ankle, Oncology, Shoulder

Kayla provides inpatient care for the diverse group of patients in the Oncology, Shoulder and Foot & Ankle services. Her critical care experience enables her to manage complex medical and surgical issues.

Deirdre Shea, NP, Sports Medicine Service

Deirdre Shea, NP - Sports Medicine

Deirdre works closely with Dr. Matt Provencher. She sees new and follow-up patients with knee and shoulder injuries and works in our Boston office.

Laura Sumner, NP, Hip & Knee Replacement Service

Laura Sumner, NP - Hip & Knee

Laura works closely with Dr. John Siliski seeing patients with hip and knee issues. She prepares patients for knee surgery and joint replacement surgery (total hip and total knee). She feels it is important to empower patients to be active participants in their recovery.

Lauren Swisher, PA-C, Hip & Knee Replacement Service

Lauren Swisher, PA-C - Hip & Knee

Lauren is an inpatient PA for the Hip & Knee Replacement Service. She closely follows patients throughout their post-op hospital stay. She has experience in both the Orthopaedic Surgery and Emergency Medicine settings.

Carolyn Tolman, NP, Hip & Knee Replacement Service

Carolyn Tolman, NP - Hip & Knee

Carolyn works closely with Dr. John Siliski seeing patients with hip and knee issues. She prepares patients for total hip and total knee replacement surgery. She feels it is important to teach and empower patients to be active participants in their recovery.

Alison Turner, NP, Pediatric Orthopaedic Service

Alison Turner, NP - Pediatrics

Alison works with all four pediatric orthopaedic surgeons providing care. She feels that educating patients and their families is one of the most important elements in providing holistic care and getting patients back to their active lifestyle.

Julie Welch, NP, Spine Service

Julie M. Welch, NP - Spine

Julie believes in taking a holistic approach to her spine patients' treatment starting with their initial visit and continuing through their surgery and post-surgical appointments. She enjoys seeing her patients improve and return to activities they enjoy.

Kristin Wood, NP, Adult Reconstructive Surgery Service

Kristin Wood, NP - Hip & Knee

Kristin works with Drs. Freiberg and Rubash seeing new, follow-up and post-op patients with hip and knee arthritis. She works in the inpatient and outpatient setting, enabling continuity of care, and she serves as a point of contact for patients.