These videos are for patients of: Drs. DiGiovanni, Guss, Johnson & Theodore.

If you have any questions about what you see on the video(s), we will be happy to answer your questions when you arrive at the ASC on your day of surgery. These videos will help you prepare for your discharge home and act as a resource after you are home.

Please note: In some of the videos below, you will see a patient learning to walk after surgery, and while the patient in the video has a knee brace or wrap, these videos apply to Foot & Ankle surgical patients as well.

Post-operative Crutch Walking: Weight Bearing as Tolerated

Post-operative Crutch Walking: Touch Down Weight Bearing

Post-operative Crutch Walking: Partial Weight Bearing

Post-operative Crutch Walking: Non-weight Bearing

Crutch Walking on Stairs: Weight Bearing as Tolerated

Crutch Walking on Stairs: Partial or Touch Down Weight Bearing

Cane: Weight Bearing as Tolerated

Walker: Non-Weight Bearing

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