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The Bioengineering Laboratory continues its tradition of innovation in the area of joint engineering and biomechanics.


The Orthopaedic Bioengineering Laboratory was established on April 15, 1998 by Dr. Guoan Li, when he moved to the Massachusetts General Hospital with Drs. James Herndon and Harry Rubash from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Dr. Li has joint faculty appointments at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard Medical School. He is an advisor to graduate students at MIT and postdoctoral fellows conducting orthopaedic biomechanics research.

Upon establishing the laboratory at MassGeneral, Dr. Li’s focus was on the novel application of robotic technology to the in-vitro motion simulation of the human upper and lower extremity. Using this robotic technology, the laboratory pioneered the investigation of human knee function in high flexion angles and revealed many factors that hinder deep flexion after total knee arthroplasty. Additionally, the laboratory was the first to generate a new conceptual technology for ACL reconstruction – the single tunnel double bundle ACL reconstruction.

In 2003, the laboratory established a dual fluoroscopic image system (known currently as DFIS in the literature) that could accurately determine in-vivo 6DOF musculoskeletal joint kinematics. This technique has since contributed to a series of papers reporting the in-vivo function of the human ankle, knee, elbow, shoulder and spine. Many of these works were the first data ever observed in these musculoskeletal joints. For example, the laboratory was the first to report on the in-vivo cartilage deformation of the ankle and knee under weightbearing conditions. In the recent years, the laboratory has been involved in orthopaedic translational research, such as developing the next generation of total knee arthroplasty and new ACL reconstruction techniques aimed at preventing post-operative joint degeneration.

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Two-year Post-Doctoral position at Bioengineering Lab, MGH/HMS

A two-year Post-Doctoral position is available at the Orthopaedic Bioengineering Lab, MGH/HMS with possible extension to 3rd year. The responsibility of this position includes quantitatively investigation of the in vivo hip biomechanics in patients with total hip arthroplasty, processing of CT images of patients to construct 3D anatomic models of the hip and examining the optimal surgical implantation of hip replacements.

The potential candidate should possess a PhD in Biomedical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering with graduate research experience on musculoskeletal joint biomechanics. Background in the hip joint biomechanics is desirable, but not essential. The candidate should have experience in conducting patient kinematics and kinetic evaluation using imaging technique and motion analysis technique and the capability to coordinate between research engineers, students, clinicians as well as patients.

For interested applicants, please submit CV and 3 reference letters to: Guoan Li, Ph.D, No calls will be received.


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