Dr. John Kwon leads a fracture clinic every Tuesday.

Contact the Fracture Clinic

Dr. John Kwon, Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Surgeon Julia Kurker, NP Foot & Ankle Service

John Kwon, MD

Julia Kurker, NP

Fracture Clinic Hotline: 617-643-5701
Yawkey Building, Suite 3F, Boston
fracture clinic at mass general orthopaedics every tuesday with dr. john kwon

Foot & Ankle Fracture Clinic

The foot is made up of 26 bones connected by muscles, tendons and ligaments. Patients sustaining broken bones of the foot and ankle need more immediate, expert care. Proper evaluation and assessment in a timely manner, appropriate immobilization, restriction of weight-bearing and possible planning for surgery if required, are important to get the best outcomes.

The Foot & Ankle Service at Mass General conducts a weekly Foot and Ankle Fracture Clinic lead by Dr. John Kwon. Every Tuesday, Dr. Kwon and his Nurse Practitioner, Julia Kurker, work with patients with foot and ankle fractures, making sure patients receive prompt and appropriate care.

To make an appointment, call Marta Hyatt at 617-643-5701.

Please bring any images (i.e. x-rays, CT scans) that were recently taken. To see any new changes and get better views of the fracture, x-rays may need to be retaken at Mass General. Our x-ray clinic is located down the hall from the Fracture Clinic.

At your Fracture Clinic appointment, you can expect:

  • A thorough physical evaluation by Dr. Kwon and discussion of your injury with Dr. Kwon
  • Review of your x-rays, CT scans and any additional reports
  • A customized treatment plan to get you back to a pain-free, active lifestyle