Knee rehabilitation videos are demonstrated by our trained physical therapy staff.

Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Video Demonstrations: Knee


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Ankle pumps

Ankle pumps work on the range of motion of the ankle. In addition, they help move the muscles to help get rid of fluid and swelling that might be present after an injury or surgery.

Ball squats

The ball squat will work the abdominals, the gluteus, the inner thighs, the outer thighs, the front of the legs and the back of the legs.

Bridge & unilateral bridge

Bridges on Physioball

Performing bridges on a physioball engages your hip extensor muscles and abductor muscles. They also work to increase strength and endurance of core muscles.

Bridge on physioball with roll-in

Bridge on physioball alternating

Calf raises

Heel prop

The heel prop exercise improves knee hyperextension. It is a passive stretching exercise that can be help for an extended period of time.

Heel slides with towel

Heel slides are important because they stimulate both your quadriceps and hamstring to improve range of motion in your knee and hip.

Hip abduction

Weak hip abductors can negatively affect your posture and walking gait, so hip abductions target these muscles to strengthen them, and stabilize your legs and pelvis.

Hip hike

Kneeling hip flexor stretch

Lateral step-ups

Mini squats

Patella mobilization

After injury or surgery, it is important to initiate movement around the patella (knee cap). You can do that  with gentle movements up & down and to the inside & outside of knee.

Prone hamstring curls

Prone hang

Prone quad stretch

The prone quad stretch is a good way to stretch out your quadriceps because it allows you to stretch all four muscle groups that make up your quads.

Quad sets

Quad sets are important after injury and/or surgery to help facilitate a return of control to the quadriceps. This exercise uses your muscles without moving your hip or knee.

Romanian deadlift

Seated assisted knee flexion extension

This is an exercise that helps return range of motion to your knee. It is a good exercise to do in the beginning of your physical therapy because it is gentle on the knee joint.

Seated Knee Extension Long Arc Quads

Sidelying hip external rotation – clamshell

Soleus stretch

Squats to chair

A shallow squat to a chair works all the major muscle groups in the legs, especially your quadriceps, gluetus and hip abductors, which helps strengthen your hips and knees.

Standing gastroc stretch

The gastroc muscle is one of two muscles that make up youf calf. The standing gastroc stretch is a good way to stretch your calf gently without putting strain on your knee.

Standing quad stretch

You will feel the standing quad stretch across the front of your quad. This exercise is a great way to stretch out tight quadriceps muscles.

Step downs

Step ups

Step ups with march

Straight leg raise

Supine active hamstring stretch

The supine active hamstring stretch increases hamstring flexibility. It also helps increate the range of motion of your knee.

Supine passive hamstring stretch


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