Shoulder rehabilitation videos are demonstrated by our trained physical therapy staff.

Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Video Demonstrations: Shoulder


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Active Assistive Shoulder Flexion

Ball squeeze

Cane external rotation stretch

External rotation at 90 degrees abduction

Field goals

Internal external rotation isometrics



PNF - D1 diagonal lifts

PNF - D2 diagonal lifts

PNF - D1 diagonal lifts with resistance

Prone scapular retraction

Prone shoulder extension Is

Resistance band bicep curls

Resistance band dynamic hug

Resistance band forward punch

Resistance band PNF pattern

Resistance band shoulder extension

Resistance band standing external rotation at 90 degrees

Resistance band standing internal rotation at 90 degrees

Resistance band Ws


Row on physioball

Scap retraction

Seated rows with resistance band

Serratus punches

Shoulder extension on physioball

Shoulder flexion with cane

Side-lying external rotation

Sleeper stretch

Standing external rotation with resistance band

Standing internal rotation with resistance band

Standing scapular setting

Supported scapular setting

T and Y

Wall push up

Wall slides with resistance band


Old Videos

Internal Rotation

External Rotation


Forward Punch

Biceps Curl

'W' Exercise

'T' Exercise

Internal Rotation at 90 Degrees

External Rotation at 90 Degrees

Dynamic Hug Exercise

Shoulder Shrug Exercise

Diagonal-Up Exercise

Diagonal-Down Exercise