Below are demonstration videos from the Sports Medicine Service Physical Therapy team focusing on the lower extremity.

Physical Therapy Video Demonstrations

Click on a title below to see the video demo.


Ankle Pump Exercise

Hamstring Curl Machine

Heel Slide Exercise

Hip Abducter and Hip Adducter Machines

Hip Extension Machine

Knee Extension Machine - Full Arc

Knee Extension Machine - Short Arc

Leg Press Machine

Partial Squat Exercise

Patella Mobilization

Quadriceps Setting Exercise

Roman Chair Exercise

Seated Calf Machine

Seated Hamstring Curl Machine

Short Arc Lift

Side Leg Lift Exercise

Single Leg Squat Exercise

Single Leg Wall Slide Exercise

Sitting Heel Slides

Squat to Chair

Standing Toe Raises

Stationary Bicycle

Step Up/Down Exercise

Straight Leg Raise Exercise

Wall Slide Exercise