The Sports Medicine Service is committed to the continued advancement of sports injury treatment and prevention through ongoing clinical and academic research programs.


At the MGH Sports Medicine Service, we are committed to the continued advancement of sports injury treatment and prevention through ongoing clinical and academic research programs. The work of our physicians has been published and presented nationally and internationally, and has made important contributions to the improvement of surgical techniques for knee and shoulder reconstruction.

Currently, we are working in close collaboration with the Orthopaedic Bioengineering Laboratory, under the direction of Guoan Li, PhD, studying the biomechanics of the knee and shoulder, with particular focus on in-vivo kinematics of the cruciate ligaments in their intact, injured, and reconstructed states. Our goal is to develop reconstructive procedures that will restore joint function and prevent the onset of osteoarthritis.

We are also working together with the Laboratory for Musculoskeletal Tissue Engineering, under the direction of Mark Randolph, MS, investigating tissue-engineering approaches to biologic repair of meniscus and articular cartilage injuries. Our primary interest focuses on repair and regeneration of traumatic sports-related injuries, particularly in the shoulder and knee.

On June 14, 2010 we opened the Dr. Dinesh Patel Arthroscopy Learning Laboratory (DPLL), which is a state-of-the-art learning lab with multiple arthroscopy learning stations. Named after Dr. Patel,one of the pioneers of arthroscopic surgery, the lab serves as the latest example of Sports Medicine’s dedication to the teaching and training of residents, medical students, support staff and the general community.

Teaching Programs

Our Fellowship:

Orthopaedic surgeons who have completed an accredited residency program are elligble for the MGH Sports Medicine Fellowship. Three fellows are chosen each year. The purpose of the fellowship is to train orthopaedic surgeons in the specialized skills of sports medicine, including clinical, surgical, and research skills. Each fellow is required to complete at least one research project during his/her fellowship.

The teaching program is combined with MGH Shoulder and Arthroscopy Service and includes a rotation in Foot and Ankle Surgery. The fellowship is accredited by ACGME (Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education) and approved by AANA (Arthroscopy Association of North America).

Harvard Combined Orthoapedic Residency Program:

Residents from the Harvard Combined Orthopaedic Residency program rotate through the MGH Sports Medicine Service in one-month intervals. One first-year and one fourth-year resident are assigned to the Service at a time. Residents assist in the care of patients, both in the office and in surgery.

Medical Students and Other Physicians:

The physicians of the Sports Medicine Service are faculty members at Harvard Medical School and instruct Harvard medical students in orthopaedic surgery and sports medicine on a continuous basis. They also teach medical students from other medical schools, orthopaedic surgeons in practice (both in the United States and abroad) and primary care physicians.