Vicki A. Jackson, MD, MPH, Chief
Keri Brenner, MD, MPA
Corinne Alexander, MD
Eva Chittenden, MD
Bethany-Rose Daubman, MD
Kathleen Doyle, MD
Julia Gallagher, MD
Juliet Jacobsen, MD
Eric Krakauer, MD, PhD
Mihir Kamdar, MD
Karen O'Brien, MD
Leah Rosenberg, MD
Erin Scott, MD
Jennifer Shin, MD
Lorie Smith, MD
Erin Stevens, DO
Mark Stoltenberg, MD, MA
Erica Wilson, MD
Shane Volney, MD
April Zehm, MD

Nurse Practitioners

Heather A. Carlson, MSN, ACNP-BC, ACHPN
Kristin Cina, MSN, AGNP-BC
Sudha Natarajan, PhD, MSN
Nancy M. Mason, NP-C, CPNP, ACHPN, RN- BC
Martha A. Quigley, MS, GNP-BC, ACHPN
Alison H. Rhodes, ACNP-BC, ACHPN
Simone Rinaldi, MS, ANP-BC, ACHPN
Angela Sousa, MSN, ANP-BC, ACHPN
Jason Telles, GNP-BC, ACHPN
Pamela Woo Williams, ANP-BC, ACHPN


Catherine Liberles, RN

Social Workers

Todd Rinehart, LICSW, ACHP-SW (Bereavement Coordinator)
Lynn Mazur, LICSW (Volunteer Coordinator)
Barbara Moscowitz, LICSW
Annie Lebowitz, LICSW


Kate Brizzi, MD
David Cheng, MD
Isaac Chua, MD
Khadidjatou Kane, MD
Richard Leiter, MD
Sarah Luthy, MD
Perla Macip Rodriguez, MD
Sean Timpane, MD
Sarah Koontz, MSN, AGNP-BC


Debjani Banerji, Administrative Director
James Fitzgerald, Fellowship/Education Coordinator
Amanda Hazeltine, Project Manager
Kate Houghton, Program Coordinator
Tim Kowalczyk, Administrative Manager
Margaret Spinale, Executive Assistant to Chief

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