Our staff are dedicated and experienced clinicians and clinical educators in the field of palliative care.

Vicki A. Jackson, MD, MPH, Chief
Eva Chittenden, MD, Associate Director 
Karen O'Brien, MD
Juliet Jacobsen, MD
Corinne Alexander, MD 
Kathleen Doyle, MD
Eric Krakauer, MD, PhD
Mihir Kamdar, MD
Jennifer Shin, MD
Lorie Smith, MD

Erica Wilson, MD
Julia Gallagher, MD

Nurse Practitioners

Bridget Franciose, APRN-BC, ACHPN
Christina Kim, RN, ANP-BC,ACHPN 
Todd Hultman, PhD, ACNP-BC, ACHPN 
Simone Rinaldi, MS, ANP-BC, ACHPN  
Jason Telles, GNP-BC, ACHPN
Angela Sousa, MSN, ANP-BC
Martha A. Quigley, MS, GNP-BC, ACHPN
Constance Dahlin, APRN-BC, ACHPN (per diem)

Catherine Liberles, RN

Social Workers
Todd Rinehart, LICSW, ACHP-SW (Bereavement Coordinator)
Lynn Mazur, LICSW (Volunteer Coordinator)

Bethany Daubman, MD
Charlotta Lindvall, MD
Leah Rosenberg, MD
Justin Sanders, MD
Aaron Storms, MD
Shane Volney, MD
Chris Collura, MD (Pediatrics)
Kevin Madden, MD (Pediatrics)
Alison Rhodes, NP
Sarah Rossmassler, NP

Debjani Banerji, Administrative Director
Andrea Boyajian, Fellowship Coordinator
Kate Houghton, Staff Assistant
Tim Kowalczyk, Administrative Manager
Margaret Spinale, Executive Assistant to Chief

Administration and Inpatient

MGH Palliative Care Division
Founders House 600
55 Fruit Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02114-2966
Phone: (617) 724-9197
Fax: (617) 724-8693

MGH Palliative Care Division
Yawkey Center for Outpatient Care, Suite 7B
55 Fruit Street
Boston, MA 02114
617 724-4000