News about Massachusetts General Hospital Pathology research advances. CRISPR-Cas9 nucleases, RDW - a novel early-warning biomarker, and new computational pathology diagnostic modes.


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Spring-Summer 2015 Mass General Magazine - MGH Pathology experts forge new mode of diagnosis
 06-22-15 Research team evolves CRISPR-Cas9 nucleases with novel properties
 06-22-15 Why we need to talk now about the brave new world of editing genes
 04-02-15 Effects of Red-Cell Storage Duration on Patients Undergoing Cardiac Surgery
 04-28-15 Faculty member Jeannie Lee, MD, PhD elected to National Academy of Science
 04-02-15 Modulation of red blood cell population dynamics is a fundamental homeostatic response to disease 

Decreased red blood cell clearance appears to predict development and worsening of serious diseases

 04-01-15 Steering Pathology Into the Future. MGH Pathology Experts Forge New Mode of Diagnosis 
 12-11-14 Tethered Capsule Endomicroscopy
 11-26-14 Age-Related Clonal Hematopoiesis Associated with Adverse Outcomes
 11-26-14 Clone Wars — The Emergence of Neoplastic Blood-Cell Clones with Aging

Genetic and epigenetic fine mapping of causal autoimmune disease variants - Nature publication - Bradley Bernstein, MD, PhD

 10-29-14 Researchers Map Overlap Between Causal SNPs and Regulatory Elements for Autoimmune Conditions - Bradley Bernstein, MD, PhD -
 10-9-2014 National Brain Tumor Society 2014 - David Louis receives Feldman Founder’s Award for outstanding contributions and invaluable impact on brain tumor researchis

MGH researchers chart cellular complexity of brain tumorsMario Suvà, MD, PhD

 09-27-13 On the Hunt - New survey of DNA alterations could aid search for cancer genes
 03-5-13 Cancer detection as easy as popping a pill
 07-25-13 CRISPR/Cas Comes of Age – Almost – Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News
 10-31-13 Evicting Leukemia - Bone drug kills resistant cancer stem cells by making home unlivable
 01-29-13 Joung lab demonstrates in vivo genome editing using CRISPR-Cas nucleases
 01-13-13 Pill-sized device provides rapid, detailed imaging of esophageal liningGary Tearney, MD, PhD
 01-10-13 Efficient genome editing in zebrafish using a CRISPR-Cas systemKeith Joung, MD, PhD
 11-00-12 Genome-editing tools storm ahead: The menu of maturing, diversifying methods calls for careful selections in experimental designKeith Joung, MD, PhD

NIH continues its commitment to high risk-high reward researchJohn Higgins, MD

 07-10-12 The challenges posed by cancer heterogeneityJohn Iafrate, MD, PhD
 04-13-12 Martin Prize for Basic Research awarded to Bradley Bernstein, MD, PhD
 04-09-12 Rapid method of assembling new gene-editing tool could revolutionize genetic research– Keith Joung, MD, PhD
 03-2-12 Innovative MGHers honored with Bowditch Prize– Anand Dighe, MD, PhD
 02-29-12 Science Translational Medicine -Sikel Cell Diagnostics - John Higgins, MD
 01-27-12 Systems Biology and Red Cells - John Higgins, MD
 12-28-11 Nature Method of the Year - Gene-editing nucleases (PDF) – Keith Joung, MD, PhD
 12-28-11 Method developed by MGH investigator chosen as Method of the Year by Nature Methods(video)— Keith Joung, MD, PhD

Combinatorial Patterning of Chromatin Regulators Uncovered by Genome-wide Location Analysis in Human Cells– Bradley Bernstein, MD, PhD

 12-01-11 Mass. General study finds amplification of multiple cell-growth genes in some brain tumors– John Iafrate, MD, PhD
 08-05-11 Targeted gene disruption in somatic zebrafish cells using engineered TALENs
 05-06-11 Three Pathology Faculty Receive 2011 MGH Research Scholars Awards

Epigenomic findings illuminate veiled variants - Bradley Bernstein, co-senior author

 03-22-11 In Vivo Systems Analysis Identifies Spatial and Temporal Aspects of the Modulation of TNF-α–Induced Apoptosis and Proliferation by MAPKs
 12-12-10 Joint MGH-SEAS study - Model of Red Blood Cells May Predict Anemia Risk

Molecular Diagnostics Provides Real-time Guidance for Novel ALK Inhibitor Treatment of Lung Cancers

 09-30-10 Keith Joung receives NIH Director’s Transformative Research Project Award


Keith Joung Receives Prestigious NIH Pioneer Award


Ion Torrent Announces Ion PGM Sequencer Grant Winners
 02-22-10 New Scan May Help Find Aggressive Prostate Tumors
 10-22-09 MGH to Test e-Pathologist System with NEC
 10-09-09 MGH Personalized Medicine Program Covered in Science
 08-26-09 Sunquest, Partners HealthCare System and Massachusetts General Hospital Announce Agreement to Co-Develop Next Generation Diagnostic Pathology Solutions
 03-26-09 MGH Pathologist Becomes Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator
 03-02-09 Translational Oncology Diagnostic Initiative Gets Started
 07-24-08 Engineering Customized Zinc-Finger Nucleases
 2007 Genome-Wide Chromatin Maps for Embryonic Stem Cells
 2007 New WHO Classification of CNS Tumors