The Point of Care Testing Procedure Manual contains the approved procedures for safe and effective operation of POCT procedures by MGH POCT providers.

Point of Care Testing Procedure Manual

Note: Documents on this page are PDFs and require Adobe Acrobat. 

Outpatient Urine Dipstick QC Log 


Patient Care Services (Inpatient)

Urine Dipstick QC Logs



ProceduresLogs, Quizzes & Competency sheets

Precision Glucose Meter 10/08/2013

Glucose job aid 4/22/2014

Urine - Clinitek Status 2/19/2013   

Clinitek Status Job Aid 4/22/2014

Urine - Visual Dipstick 1/14/2014

Urine HCG Pregnancy 1/14/2014

Urine HCG Job Aid 4/22/2014

Fecal Occult Blood 01/14/2014
Phenazine pH  2/22/2013

i-STAT Operations and Testing 11/5/2013


i-STAT1 System Manual  November 2013


HemoCue Hemoglobin 07/26/2012
Rapid Strep OSOM 1/14/2014
Rapid Flu A+B 1/14/2014
Rapid HIV 1/14/2014
DCA Vantage HgbA1C  3/13/2013
ACT Plus 1/14/2014 (Medtronic)
AVOXimeter 1000E 4/22/2014
Gram Stain 3/5/2014

GEM 3500 Blood Gas  6/11/2013



GEM OPL  4/22/2014



Provider Performed Microscopy 


PPM procedure 01/14/2014

includes KOH, Wet Prep, Fern Testing and Urine Sediment


 Regulatory Assistance 
Quality Control - Reagent Storage, Ordering and Documentation Guide 1/14/2014  
Joint Commission Preparation Checklist for POCT Site Coordinators 4/15/2014 This list gives a broad overview to assist with compliance activities.  Great refresher for POCT Site Coordinators!

Mock Inspection Checklist 12/27/2012

Mock Inspection Remedial Action Template 12/27/2012

This checklist is used by the POCT program staff to assess site compliance.  Feel free to use it to self check your Joint Commission Readiness.

MGH-MGPO Relocation Questionnaire 4/19/2013 This questionnaire should be used to help plan for POCT program resources for your move or remodel.  Submission several months prior to the planned event is recommended.
POCT Proficiency Testing Procedure  12/27/2012 Proficiency Testing Evaluation Worksheet 12/27/2012