Gad Getz, PhD

Associate Professor of Pathology,
Harvard Medical School

Associate Molecular Pathologist,
Massachusetts General Hospital

Director, Cancer Genome Computational Analysis Group (within the Cancer Program at the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT) 



Dr. Getz is an internation­ally acclaimed leader in cancer genome analysis and is pioneering widely used analytic programs in cancer genomic sequence analysis. He is affiliated with the Center for Cancer Research, and is an associate member of the Broad Institute, where he directs the Cancer Genome Computational Analysis Group.

Research & Clinical Interests

The Getz Laboratory specializes in cancer genome analysis which includes two major steps: (i) Characterization – cataloging of all genomic events and the mechanisms that created them during the clonal evolution of the cancer, comparing events at the DNA, RNA and protein levels between tumor and normal samples from an individual patient; and (ii) Interpretation – analysis of the characterization data across a cohort of patients with the aim of identifying the alterations in genes and pathways that cause cancer or increase its risk as well as identifying molecular subtypes of the disease, their markers and relationship to clinical variables.


Bibliography of Gad Getz via PubMed

Group Members

  • Eila Arich-Landkof
  • Nicholas Haradhvala
  • Julian Hess
  • Atanas Kamburov, PhD
  • Jaegil Kim, PhD
  • Mike S. Lawrence, PhD
  • Ignat Leshchiner, PhD
  • Yosef Maruvka, PhD
  • Prasanna Parasuraman, PhD
  • Paz Polak, PhD
  • Esther Rheinbay, PhD
  • Chip Stewart, PhD
  • Lihua Zou, PhD


Pathology Department
Massachusetts General Hospital
55 Fruit Street - Jackson 1028A
Boston, MA 02114

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