In keeping with its mission, the Pathology Service at the Massachusetts General Hospital recognizes that its responsibilities and opportunities extend far beyond the hospital itself.

Global Health Program


Global Health Overview

The Massachusetts General Pathology Service actively collaborates with the Mass General Hospital Center for Global Health, with other Departments within Partners Healthcare, with academic institutions throughout the developed world, and most importantly, with healthcare providers and academics in developing countries. The opportunity for knowledge transfer and improved laboratory diagnostics in the context of global health is especially appealing where small gains can result in large “returns” in the fundamentals of diagnosis and therapy.

A group photo of CME course professors and attendees in Nairobi, Kenya

Group photo of 2014 atendees of CME course in Nairobi, Kenya

A group photo including 39 attendees at Transfusion Medicine Symposium in Kampala

Group photo of 39 attendees of 2014 Transfusion Medicine Symposium, in Kampala, Uganda

Professional Education Overseas

Pathology services are central to the advancement of many disciplines of medicine and surgery. There are enormous opportunities for individual and collective efforts—both small and large, either local or regional— that will enhance research, training, or delivery of pathology services in the developing world. A strong connection between the Mass General and selected institutions overseas fosters collaboration and enriches all.  As a world leader in academic Pathology, the Massachusetts General Hospital encourages faculty, trainees, and staff to become involved in our growing Pathology Global Health Program.

Advancing the Field of Pathology

Pathologists and pathology services are scarce in developing countries. In sub-Saharan Africa most countries have staffing levels less than 10% of those of the US and most hospitals have no anatomic pathology services at all. The shortage is severe. It has been estimated that it would take a millennium to train enough pathologists in sub-Saharan Africa to reach levels needed. The Massachusetts General Hospital Department of Pathology Program in Global Health has developed a number of strategies to address these challenges and to enhance professional development opportunities for our global pathology colleagues through Continuing Medical Education courses in Anatomic Pathology and Transfusion Medicine, the development of a Global Pathology Fellowship, and lectures given by Mass General Pathology faculty at local and regional meetings in Botswana, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and South Africa. Read more.

The figure below outlines some of the broad opportunities in Global Health available to faculty and members of the Mass General Pathology.

Pathology global health opportunities in training, research, teaching and technical support




Updated 9/3/2015