John R. Gilbertson, MD

Gilbertson Lab

Gilbertson lab develops information systems and robots to support diagnostic laboratories, diagnostic processes and communications from the lab to the clinicians, researchers and patients.


John Gilbertson, MD

Associate Professor
Harvard Medical School

Associate Chief for Informatics
Massachusetts General Hospital

Director of Pathology Informatics
Massachusetts General Hospital

Research Interests

With the increasing rise of computational power and network connectivity, information systems and robotics have become increasingly important in the practice of pathology and study of disease. Our laboratory is dedicated to the development, implementation, testing and continuous improvement of laboratory information systems, sub-systems, diagnostic processes and devices and their integration into the medical information infrastructure. We are particularly interested in the interface between diagnostic laboratory and the clinical ward including utilization, ordering, specimen collection, reporting, interpretation and outcomes.

Group Members

Tom Gudewicz, MD
Lyman Garniss
JiYeon Kim, MD, MPH
Ling Ling Tang, MS

Research Projects

The laboratory is involved with a wide range of information systems projects including:

MGH – Sunquest LIS Collaboration: A ten-year collaboration between MGH and Sunquest Information Systems (Tucson AZ) to co-develop an increasingly capable, module Anatomic Pathology Information System as part of an integrated Anatomic Pathology / Clinical Pathology Laboratory Information System Environment.

Anatomic Pathology Operational Process Redesign: A Pathology department-wide initiative to examine and redesign workflow, dataflow, technology and process in our tissue diagnosis laboratories to enhance efficiency, quality, accuracy, communication and safety.

Clinical Laboratory for Research (CLR): The development and implementation of the information infrastructure of a laboratory designed to support the clinical testing and bio-repository needs of translational and clinical research at MGH, including an enterprise wide research bio-repository and connections to the Partners Healthcare Systems clinical research database.

Whole Slide Imaging Systems and PACS: In conjunction with the Yagi and the Wilbur Laboratories, the design, validation and clinical integration of Pathology Imaging Systems and the design of DICOM standards in Pathology.



Contact Us

Gilbertson Laboratory

1 Longfellow Place, Suite 216Massachusetts General Hospital Boston, MA 02114
  • Phone: 412-657-5853


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