Patient and family advisory councils are grounded in the belief that often the most informed voices on the care team are those of the patient and family. Ultimately, they alone can confirm whether:

  • A plan of care was explained thoroughly
  • The clinical information provided was fully understood
  • Their questions and fears were appropriately addressed
  • Care was tailored to their specific needs
  • They felt safe
  • Systems worked efficiently and effectively
  • Each was treated as a person — a whole person — and not simply as a chart or a medical record.

All activities of Mass General are driven by the needs of those who entrust us with their care. Hearing their voices, examining the delivery of care through their eyes, and tapping into their personal experiences ensures that the hospital serves our many and varied patients and families to the best of its ability.

And as Mass General incorporates the patient and family care experience into its planning and day-to-day hospital operations through a variety of mechanisms, Patient and Family Advisory Councils (PFACs) serve as one important vehicle for that collaboration.

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