Pelvic Floor Disorders Service

All patients are evaluated by our highly skilled multidisciplinary team of biofeedback specialists, colorectal surgeons, gastroenterologists, urologists, urogynecologists and nurse practitioners who specialize in pelvic health.

The Pelvic Floor Disorders Care Team

Meet the care team (left to right):

Barbara Nath, MD, Gastroenterology; Paul Shellito, MD, Colorectal Surgery; Allison Bailey, MD, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation; Patricia Sylla, MD, Colorectal Surgery; May Wakamatsu, MD, Urogynecology; Samantha Pulliam, MD, Urogynecology; Liliana Bordeianou, MD, Colorectal Surgery; Lieba Savitt, NP, Patient Nurse Access Practitioner; Melina Weinstein, MD, Urogynecology; Joseph Grocela, MD, Urology

Not pictured: Allison Diamond, NP, Urogynecology; Braden Kuo, MD, Gastroenterology; Andrea Thurler, NP, Gastroenterology