Books, website, and support for those who have had a stroke or traumatic brain injury

Recommended Books & Websites on Stroke/Traumatic Brain Injury



  • Brain, Heal Thyself: A Caregiver’s New Approach to Recovery from Stroke, Aneuryism, and Traumatic Brain Injury
    Siles, Madonna and Beuret, Lawrence
    Hampton Roads, 2006

  • Life After Stroke: the Guide to Recovering Your Health and Preventing Another Stroke
    Stein, Joel et al
    John Hopkins University Press, 2006

  • Stroke and the Family: A New Guide
    Stein, Joel
    Harvard University Press, 2004

  • Stronger After Stroke: Your Roadmap to Recovery
    Levine, Peter G.
    Demos, 2008

Coping/Personal Stories

  • My Stroke of Insight: A Brain Scientist’s Personal Journey
    Taylor, Jill Bolte
    Plume, 2009

  • Never Give Up: My Stroke, My Recovery & My Return to the NFL
    Bruschi, Tedy
    Wiley, 2007

Support/Connect with Others


Traumatic Brain InjuryBooks

  • Brain Injury Survival Kit: 365 Tips, Tools, and Tricks to Deal with Cognitive Function Loss
    Sullivan, Cheryl
    Demos, 2008

  • Brainlash: Maximize Your Recovery from Mild Brain Injury
    Denton, Gail
    Demos, 2008

  • Mindstorms: The Complete Guide for Families Living with Traumatic Brain Injury
    Cassidy, John W.
    Da Capo, 2009

Coping/Personal Stories

  • Every 21 Seconds
    Sweeney, Brian
    Tate, 2009

  • Gifts from the Broken Jar: Rediscovering Hope, Beauty, and Joy
    Long, P.J.
    Equilibrium, 2004

  • Over My Head: a Doctor’s Own Story of Head Injury from the Inside Looking Out
    Osborn, Claudia
    Andrews McMeel, 2000

  • Where is the Mango Princess
    Crimmins, Cathy
    Vintage, 2001


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