Application and Selection of Residents

Psychiatry residents may apply to the MGH/McLean Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Residency Training Program after July of their PGY 3 year for acceptance into the program for their PGY 4 year.  Residents may also apply after July of their PGY 4 year for acceptance in their PGY 5 year.

All entering child and adolescent psychiatry residents must have completed an internship and at least two years of general psychiatry residency.  Residents entering the forthcoming July must participate in the NRMP Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Specialty Match. Applications are accepted in the Spring and interviews are conducted September through the firs week in December. Formal offers for the following July are determined by the NRMP. 

The preferred deadline for receipt of completed applicant files is Sept. 30

The 5 year combined General/Child & Adolescent psychiatry residency with PGY-1 in Pediatrics.

The MGH/McLean Residency has two positions in the NRMP for a fourth-year medical student to match for a combined 5-year program including 8 months of Pediatrics in the PGY 1 year at MGH, a two-year general psychiatry residency at MGH and McLean Hospital and automatic acceptance into the MGH/McLean child and Adolescent Psychiatry Residency Training Program.  Applications for this position should be addressed to the Director of the MGH/McLean Hospital General Residency Training Program. 

Information about this position, and application procedures for the 5 –year program may be found at the link:  www.mghmclean.org/adult

You may read more about our child program at the website: www.mghmclean.org/child

Each applicant must submit the following materials thru  ERAS:

Please submit the following documentation first & foremost thru ERAS:

  • A brief autobiographical statement and summary of career goals
  • A curriculum vitae
  • Verification of training form, completed and signed by training director, indicating completion of training requirements in general psychiatry.

This information should follow the documentation listed above thru ERAS:

  • Transcript of medical school (original)
  • A letter of recommendation from dean of medical school

Please state the hospital and specialty of internship.  If separate from residency, please include a letter of recommendation from the training director documenting at least four months of primary care medicine, internal medicine or pediatrics and two months (full-time equivalent.

  • A letter of recommendation from the training director of adult psychiatry program. 

One must have completed two years of adult training to apply for child and adolescent training.  This should include an overall evaluation of performance.

  • Two additional letters of recommendation, particularly from people who are familiar with personal, clinical and academic qualifications


  • If an applicant already has a full Massachusetts medical license, please attach a copy of the most recent application and wallet-size license.  If an applicant has a MA narcotics license and/or DEA certificate, please also include copies with the application.

Letters of Recommendation

All letters should be originals and all  letters and application materials  should be addressed to:  David Rubin, M.D., Director, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Residency Training Program. 

Again, all letters and a complete application packet should be submitted thru ERAS


After an initial screening of your application materials, interviews at MGH and McLean Hospital will be arrange for qualified applicants.  We are particularly interested in high academic achievement, excellence in clinical skills, a deep career interest in child and adolescent psychiatry and potential for research and teaching.  Personal traits of maturity, empathy, decisiveness and high standards of professional performance are very important to us.  It is desirable for the applicant to have had some experience in pediatrics or family practice, though it is not required.

Faculty members at MGH and McLean will interview highly qualified applicants.  Applicants will also meet with a least one child and adolescent psychiatry resident.  The Training director and a least 3 members of the Selection Committee, including the clinical service chiefs, directors of the outpatient clinics, directors of consultation services, inpatient directors and senior clinical and research faculty, will interview each applicant.  Applicants are encouraged to express any potential areas of clinical and/or academic interest, so some interviews may be tailored to one’s interest.   After applicant interviews, the Selection Committee will review the applications and interview evaluations and make a decision regarding rank order for the Match.

We make every effort to review each and every completed applicant file.   Interviews will commence on Thursdays and/or Fridays, starting in September.

The preferred deadline for receipt of completed applicant files is Sept. 30





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