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Chief Resident Duties

  • The Child Psychiatry Chief Resident will be a second-year resident who is on his/her four-month elective block.
  • The Chief Resident will meet weekly with Dr. Prager and the PGY 2 general psychiatry residents on duty in the APS for child and adolescent psychiatry rounds.
  • There will be opportunities for formal presentations to the general residents. As noted above, the Chief Resident will review cases seen by the general residents in the APS and will ensure that adequate follow-up was implemented. Supervision of teaching and administrative duties in the APS will be provided one hour weekly by Dr. Prager.
  • Administrative duties will include: Assisting service chiefs in the logistics of the clinical rotations, particularly in the outpatient sector. Other duties will include, but not be limited to, triage and assignment of outpatient cases, developing and managing the on-call schedule, helping with logistical problems in the Acute Psychiatry Service, Consultation Service, the Franciscan Children’s Inpatient Service, the Partial Hospital Program and the McLean Clinical Evaluation Center. Emphasis will be in ambulatory psychiatry. If the Chief Resident is called upon for too many service demands, he/she will determine priorities, under the supervision of the Training Director.
  • Each Chief Resident will be given a stipend of $400 for the four-month assignment.
  • There will be an Administrative Psychiatry Tutorial for each Chief Resident. This tutorial will include approximately 10 hours of individual time spent with Dr. Jellinek, Dr. Gold, Dr. Schlozman, Dr. Beresin, the Department Business Manager and other administrative leaders in the MGH, McLean, Partners and Harvard Medical School Community.
    The Chief Resident will spend two hours weekly teaching general psychiatry residents and medical students in the Acute Psychiatry Service.



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