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Child Residency Research

Residents are encouraged to take part in ongoing research or to initiate original projects of their own during their elective time each year. Mentors specializing in areas of interest will be provided to residents. At MGH, residents have access to a Biostatistics Team established for consultation and supervision of research methodology. Both MGH and McLean have extensive computer systems for literature searches. Use of such systems is provided by the training program. All research activities must be reviewed with the Training Director to ensure that they do not take precedence over core educational clinical requirements.

There are a wide range of research projects at MGH and McLean. Some are conducted solely within the Child and Adolescent Services, while others are collaborative projects between child and general psychiatry programs and other related medical disciplines including pediatrics and its many subspecialties. Other projects are multicenter studies among Boston teaching hospitals and/or university programs. Page 55 lists some child and adolescent research topics currently under investigation at MGH and McLean.



Some Child and Adolescent Research Topics Currently Under Investigation at MGH and Mclean:

Administrative Psychiatry
Adoption and Custody
Aggression and Violence in Children and Adolescents
Anxiety Disorders
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Behavioral Therapies
Biological Rhythms and Depression
Burns and Chronic Disfigurement in Children
Child and Adolescent Substance Abuse
Child Development
Child Physical and Sexual Abuse and Neglect
Childhood Bereavement
Childhood Hematology-Oncology
Chronic Medical Illness in Children and Adolescents
Cognitive-behavioral Treatments
Community-based Outreach
Comparison of Structured Diagnostic Interviews with Clinicians’ Diagnoses in Children and Adolescents
Consultation Psychiatry
Developmental and Degenerative Diseases in Children
Developmental Disabilities
Developmental Neurobiology
Developmental Neuropsychopharmacology of Neuroreceptor Systems
Developmental Psychopathology
  Diagnosis and Treatment of Cognitive Disorders
Diagnosis and Treatment of Seasonal Affective Disorder
Early Child Development
Eating Disorders
Education and Training
Effects of Early Abuse on Brain Development
Family/Genetic Studies in Psychiatric Disorders
Family Therapy
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Forensic Psychiatry
Gastrointestinal Disorders
Group Psychotherapy
Health Communications and Public Policy
Health Communications and Use of the Mass Media in Mental Health
Learning Disorders
Liver Transplantation
Longitudinal Follow-up of Evaluation of Development in Children and Adolescents Post Hospitalization
Mental Health and the Media
Mood Disorders: Depression and Bipolar Disorder
Neuroimaging Studies
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Pain Management
Pediatric Psychopharmacology
Perinatal Psychopharmacology
  Personality Assessment
Personality Disorders
Pervasive Developmental Disabilities
Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
Psychiatric Aspects of Infertility and Assisted Reproductive Technology
Psychiatric Education and Training
Psychiatric Emergencies
Psychiatric Systems of Care
Psychosocial Aspects of Pediatrics
Psychosomatic Disorders (e.g., diabetes, dermatological disorders)
Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis
Psychotic Disorders
Role of Parents and Teachers in Maintenance of Self-esteem
School-based Child Psychiatry
Selective Neuronal Vulnerability
Sports Psychology
Substance Abuse
Suicidality and Psychopathology in Hospitalized Children and Adolescents
Symptomatology and Defense Mechanisms among Adolescent Psychiatric Patients
Therapeutic Management in Hospitals and Residential Treatment Centers
Tourette’s and Movement Disorders



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