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Chief Resident Teaching

Residents will have opportunities to have speaking engagements with teachers and lay groups. They may participate in the Psychiatry Service’s continuing medical education programs and teach pediatricians and mental health professionals.

Residents will have ample opportunity to teach medical students during their clinical rotations at MGH, McLean Hospital, Franciscan Children’s Hospital and affiliated institutions. In addition, they will teach child and adolescent psychiatry to general psychiatry residents, pediatric house officers, nurses on the wards and social work and psychology clinical fellows.

In-service training of professional and non-professional staff is integrated with the delivery of services in order to improve patient care and to develop staff abilities. Child and adolescent psychiatry residents, as team leaders and teachers, work closely with clinical child psychology trainees, medical students, child social work students, nurses, child care workers, clinical educators and their assistants, volunteers, dieticians and maintenance and secretarial personnel who form part of the therapeutic environment for children. In-service training programs for support staff include orientations, guidance, conferences, lectures, seminars, demonstrations and individual and group supervision.

Child and adolescent psychiatry residents welcome the opportunity to serve as teachers and mentors to all colleagues and, in particular, to medical students. Dr. Schlozman is the Associate Director of Medical Student Education in Psychiatry for Harvard Medical School, and is in charge of the psychiatry interest group for 1rst and 2nd year medical students. Through this connection, child psychiatry residents are welcome and encouraged to meet with interested students for informal and formal presentations of areas of interest. In addition, at MGH, residents will teach medical students in the Outpatient Clinic, the APS and on the Consultation Service. Medical students from Harvard and other universities come to McLean or Franciscan Children’s Hospital for a oneor two-month, full-time elective course in child psychiatry offered with the curriculum of the Harvard Medical School. Child psychiatry residents, assigned as mentors, teach the student by means of demonstrations and by guidance of the student’s psychiatric evaluation and treatment of children and families.Finally, child and adolescent psychiatry residents participate in teaching developmental and emotional assessment to interns and residents in pediatrics at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Child and adolescent psychiatry residents play an integral part in teaching medical students at Harvard Medical School as well. Students rotate through the McLean ART as part of their second- year psychopathology course, and child psychiatry residents are welcomed and encour- aged to participate in the instructions around this experience. In addition, medical students on their psychiatry clerkship will rotate through the C/L service and the outpatient clinic, and child psychiatry residents will also play a major role in their experience in these settings. Finally, medical students will often choose special electives in the emergency room, the inpatient unit or on the C/L service, and residents are a major part of their didactic experience.


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