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Outpatient Clinic

Residents will spend most of their outpatient training in the MGH Outpatient Clinic under the direction of Dr. Bruce Masek, clinical director, and Dr. Eugene Beresin, medical director. Elective time may be devoted to working in the McLean Hospital Outpatient Clinic, under the direction of Dr. Karen Monroe. Both outpatient clinics provide diagnostic evaluation, psychotherapy, familytherapy, group therapy, cognitive-behavior therapy, pharmacotherapy, psychoeducation, parent guidance and community consultation and liaison programs.

In addition to serving the general outpatient population, each OPD has a number of subspecialty programs as follows:

MGH Outpatient Clinic
(Core Training Site)
Adolescent Substance Abuse Coordinator: Timothy Wilens, M.D.
Adoption and Custody: Steven Nickman, M.D.
Behavioral Medicine and Cognitive-Behavior Therapy: Bruce Masek, Ph.D.
Child and the Law Service: Ronald Schouten, M.D., J.D.
Andrew Clark, M.D.
Cognitive-Behavior Therapy: Aude Henin, Ph.D.
Dina Hirshfeld, Ph.D.
Consultation to Cystic Fibrosis Service: Anna Georgiopolous, M.D.
Consultation to Epilepsy Service: Peter Newberry, M.D.
Consultation to Gastrointestinal Service: Suzanne Bender, M.D.
Consultation to Hematology Oncology Service: Annah Abrams, M.D.
Consultation to Transplantation Service: Laura Prager, M.D.
Steve Schlozman, M.D.
Dialectical Behavior Therapy: Michelle Jacobo, Ph.D.
Michael Hollander, Ph.D.
Eating Disorders
Family Therapy Program: Anne Fishel, Ph.D.
Forensic Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Coordinator: Donald Condie, M.D.
Group Psychotherapy Program: Richard Ginsburg, Ph.D.
Parenting at a Challenging Time (PACT): Paula Rauch, M.D.
Perinatal Psychopharmacology: Lee Cohen, M.D.
Psychopharmacology Program: Joseph Biederman, M.D.
Sports Psychology Program: Steve Durant, Ed.D.
Richard Ginsburg, Ph.D.
Nicole Danforth, M.D.

McLean Hospital Outpatient Clinic
(Elective Training Site)
Dialectical Behavioral Therapy: Laura Reugg, L.I.C.S.W.
Kate Wilson, L.I.C.S.W.
Group Psychotherapy: Joseph Powers, Ph.D.
Learning Evaluation Clinic: Jenny White, Ph.D.
Mental Retardation and Pervasive Developmental Disorders Clinic: Joseph Gold, M.D.
Outpatient Child Psychiatry: Karen Monroe, M.D.
Substance Abuse: John Rodolico, Ph.D.

goalsIn addition, both MGH and McLean Hospital have numerous faculty members with subspecialty expertise for consultation, supervision, research projects and didactic presentations. (See faculty listing.)

The goal of the outpatient clinic rotation is to provide residents the knowledge and skill necessary for comprehensive diagnostic evaluations of children, adolescents and families and treatment, under careful supervision, in a wide range of modalities.


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