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Training Schedules and Seminars: See complete list


  1. Rotation Schedule
      Three 4-month blocks: Inpatient, Acute Residential and Partial, Elective (see Rotation Schedule)
  2. Inpatient Rotation
    (4 months @ 30 hours/week): Inpatient Unit at Franciscan Children's Hospital (latency)
      a. Supervision: Drs. Calligas and Stromberg
      b. Caseload: 3 treatment cases
      c. Group Therapy Supervisor: Dr. Powers
      d. Teaching of milieu staff is strongly encouraged
      e. On-call
      f. Psychopharmacology consultation: Franciscan and McLean staff
  3. Partial Hospital (ART) Rotation (4 months @ 30 hours/week): McLean Hospital
      a. Supervision: each resident supervised individually and in group by attendings, Drs. Rater, Aguirre and Vo, et al. Additional supervision for psychopharmacology and multimodal treatment, walk rounds and individual supervision.
      b. Group therapy to be included (along with individual therapy, family therapy, diagnostic evaluations and psychopharmacology)
      c. Coordinate duties and group supervision with the Medical Director, Michael Rater, MD.
      d. Group Supervision: Trauma (1hr/week); Substance Abuse (1 hr/week) -- Dr. Rodolico; Supervision -- Dr. Powers.
      e. Case Conference
      f. Medical Student Teaching
  4. Outpatient
      a. 4 psychotherapy cases minimum (short-term, long-term)
      b. Supervision: 2-3 hours (Drs. Ablon and Clarkson -- on site at Mass General Hospital)
      c. Psychopharmacology: 2 hours/week for:
      1) ongoing treatment cases
      2) new diagnostic evaluations, as time permits
      3) individual or group supervision
  5. Elective Block (4 months @ 30 hours/week)
      a. Continue with MGH OPD, supervision and seminars
      b. Family Therapy Supervision: Dr. Fishel (1 hour)
      c. Chief Residency (10 hours mas): Teaching in APS, Administrative Psychiatry Training (OPD, Hospital Systems of Care)
      d. Community Consultation Rotation (2-4 hours): ARMS program required, consultation to community health centers from APS and by direct visits (elective)
      e. Description of activities, site(s), time spent at each site, and supervisor (mentor) must be written and approved by Training Director
      f. Call (see schedule)
  6. The second-year residents are urged to teach milieu staff about normal development and psychopathology and its treatment.



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