The PTSD Research laboratory performs research into the assessment, pathophysiology, prevention, and treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It is a part of the MGH Psychiatric Neuroscience Division and occupies laboratory space on the fourth floor of MGH East at the Charlestown Navy Yard. The laboratory does not provide treatment services itself but can make appropriate referrals to providers within and outside MGH. In particular, the MGH Center for Anxiety and Traumatic Stress Disorders conducts clinical services and conducts complementary clinical research in this domain.

Research Summary

The MGH PTSD Research Laboratory conducts federally funded, psychophysiological and neuroimaging research into posttraumatic stress disorder.

Its current major focus is whether medications administered at the time of traumatic memory reactivation can weaken the distressing emotional component of these memories through reconsolidation blockade, which represents a potential novel treatment for PTSD. This work is conducted both at MGH and at subcontract sites internationally. Ancillary work in this area includes preclinical studies with rats and normal humans.

Another major research area is an ongoing, large-scale, psychobiological investigation of a national sample of monozygotic twins discordant for combat exposure in Vietnam.

We are also interested in whether acute neurological soft signs following traumatic brain injury can predict the subsequent development of postconcussive, PTSD, and other psychopathological symptoms. Subject referrals are welcome.

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PTSD Research Laboratory

Charlestown Navy Yard
120 2nd Ave.
Charlestown, MA 02129
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Our researchers are engaged in an ongoing series of studies related to both causes and preventative measures for PTSD
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Current research includes assessment, pathophysiology, prevention, and treatment of PTSD.

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