Training and Peer Supervision

In addition to providing exemplary therapeutic care to patients, the WEC Group Psychotherapy Program is dedicated to assisting MGH trainees such as fellows, residents, medical students, psychology and social work interns, as well as staff clinicians, who are interested in facilitating groups and would like to enhance their knowledge and therapeutic skill.

To support these goals, a peer supervision group has been organized and is conceptualized as a group unto itself in which each participating clinician is viewed as an essential element of a “group-as-a-whole” directed toward the understanding of group dynamics and processes.  The emphasis of the supervision is on the presentation of actual clinical material from current groups in which one’s peers have the opportunity to comment on the emerging group process and to provide support for the presenting clinician who may be struggling with particular challenges or concerns.  Another focus of the peer supervision is to address all formal aspects of group psychotherapy including the identification of a clinical need, linking to referral resources, accessing appropriate patient populations, legal and ethical concerns, and the assessment of group process and outcome.  Moreover, effectively communicating with other treaters involved in patients’ care and monitoring the patient’s overall progress is an overarching priority.

Finally, the peer supervision group will aim to promote the following opportunities over time: co-facilitation of groups in which a trainee is paired with an experienced clinician; didactic experiences with group therapy experts; initiatives to educate others/raise awareness re: the efficacy of group therapy in substance use disorder treatment, both within and outside of the MGH community; and participation in local and national group psychotherapy associations.


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