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The center is involved in various collaborative efforts with clinics within MGH and with HMS, MIT and Tufts University, as well as community agencies in the Boston area. The real time fMRI study is a cooperative effort between the CAM and the Martinos Imaging Center at the McGovern Institute for Brain Research at MIT; the aim is to develop real-time functional magnetic resonance imaging (rt-fMRI) as an adjunct treatment for smoking cessation and other addictive disorders.

In collaboration with North Suffolk Mental Health Association, the CAM is running several studies to test different aspects of cognition, memory and attention in schizophrenics. Most significantly, the recent findings of several CAM studies have resulted in the recommendation of Bupropion for smoking cessation and relapse prevention in patients with schizophrenia. The center is also completing an evaluation of the Adolescent Treatment Addiction Services program run by a community based agency, Sameem Associates, assessing the intermediary and long term outcomes of youth treated for substance use disorders and identifying the mechanisms through which salutary changes occur.

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Currently, the program is engaged in multiple clinical trials studying pharmacological and behavioral treatments of alcohol, nicotine, and cocaine dependence.

Studies include the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism’s collaborative study COMBINE, Bupropion XL Pilot and fMRI Studies, the Cooperative Drug Discovery Group for Treatment of Nicotine Dependence (UO1), National Institute on Drug Abuse-funded studies of treatment strategies for smoking cessation and smoking relapse prevention in people with schizophrenia, Adolescent Treatment and 12-Step Mutual Help Involvement, and the Phenotype-Genotype Project in Addictions and Mood Disorders.

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