One Bowdoin

Contact Information

Center for Anxiety & Traumatic Stress Disorders
One Bowdoin Square, 6th Floor
Boston, MA 02114

Phone: 1-866-44-WORRY



Our Center is located on the 6th floor of the pink granite, high-rise building called One Bowdoin Square, which sits back from a small public park at the intersection of Cambridge and New Chardon Streets, directly across the street from Rite-Aid Pharmacy. There is a free “Partners” shuttle bus that runs between MGH and North Station ( Commuter Rail, Orange, and Green lines ). Please allow 20-30 minutes for van arrival.Click here for the Shuttle Bus Schedule.

The closest MGH garage to the free Campus Loop shuttle van is the Yawkey garage. IMPORTANT: Go to the Yawkey Information Desk to ask about the campus shuttle van. The van will pick you up in front of the Yawkey Building.The closest stop to our Center is 25 New Chardon Street (at the traffic signal). When you get off the shuttle, walk across New Chardon Street. Our Center is located two buildings up on the right at the corner of Cambridge and New Chardon Streets, and we are on the 6th floor. Alternately, you may call (617) 726-2250, MGH Transportation Office on your cell phone to inquire about the shuttle.



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