Treatment & Services

Addiction Recovery Management Service (ARMS) provides services that include diagnostic assessments, referrals, consultation and family coaching

Our Treatments and Services

ARMS provides the services listed below to adolescents and young adults ages 15 - 25. Portions of the services listed below are routinely covered by health insurance plans. For information on rates and please contact the ARMS Clinical Coordinator at 617-643-4699 or email

Recovery Support Services
The core of the ARMS program is a unique set of Recovery Support Services not typically reimbursed by health insurance plans. These services are provided on a self-pay basis in three month packages. Recovery Support Services are provided by masters-level social workers who serve as Recovery Coaches. Main areas of focus for the ARMS Recovery Coach include, a comprehensive assessment, recovery management, treatment engagement services, and recommendations regarding available treatment programs.

Comprehensive Diagnostic Assessment
The initial assessment includes an in-depth, comprehensive assessment of the patient's and family's needs by a clinical team consisting of masters-level and doctoral-level addiction treatment professionals. A psychiatric consultation is available to evaluate any immediate medication needs or the need for changes to an existing regimen. This multidimensional evaluation provides the information needed to determine the types and appropriate levels and intensities of intervention that may be helpful. The assessment will take place over the course of a week and will include a follow-up family meeting.

Treatment Engagement Services
Clinic staff will provide state of the art approaches to maximize the likelihood a patient will access appropriate services. For families whose son or daughter is unwilling to enter treatment, evidence-based approaches are implemented by our addiction specialists (Recovery Managers) to help alleviate family distress and alter family dynamics to maximize the chances that their loved one will seek help.

Treatment Program Referrals
Our team has relationships with high quality care providers at suitable detoxification, residential, and outpatient programs to help ensure that our patients have the best chance to quickly access treatment.

Recovery Management
A major focus of this service is to provide ongoing relapse risk assessment, consultation, and recovery support and management with a "recovery coach". An important component of this phase of the model is relapse prevention and relapse intervention planning, which is carried out by the recovery coach in collaboration with the clinical team/doctoral level staff. Regular contact with the recovery coach will ultimately help to minimize the fears, distress, and suffering experienced by patients and their families.

ARMS Consultation
For patients and families interested in a consultation for substance-related issues, but who do not want to enroll in ARMS, one-time comprehensive consultations are available.

Family/Parent Coaching
We provide coaching to parents and family members who have loved ones between the ages of 15 - 25 with substance-related problems who are not yet willing to seek an assessment or treatment. We utilize evidence-based approaches to teach family members how to help loved ones recognize and respond to their substance use issue.