Our program is dedicated to improving the clinical care of children and adults with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), to advance the education of patients, families and service providers about these conditions, and to expand the scientific  understanding of these disorders.

This program offers complete psychiatric evaluation, including psychopharmacological, neuropsychological, behavioral, and social service consultation.

What to expect

Learn more about what to expect when you first contact our program or have an initial consultation.

Family and patient information on autism spectrum disorders

Get more information on what autism spectrum disorders are and some ways to recognize the condition, which is characterized by difficulty with social interactions, communication, and behavioral skills.

Autism spectrum disorder presentations

Screening tools for assessing ASD

Contact Us

Alan & Lorraine Bressler
Clinical and Research Program
for Autism Spectrum Disorders

55 Fruit Street
Warren 625
Boston, MA 02114
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For more information, call 617-726-7899


About the Bresslers
Read about Alan and Lorraine Bressler, and learn how they came to focus on the need to make autism research and treatment a priority

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