Research Registry

To join the BCRP's Volunteer Research Registry, e-mail your contact information to

Enrolling in Research & Clinical Trials

The BCRP conducts a variety of clinical trials. Current studies include clinical trials of new treatments as well as several studies that involve brain imaging or biochemical tests. Patients wishing to be involved in research are asked to call the BCRP’s triage phone line at 866-99-MOODS or 617-643-2076. Patients will be asked to answer questions about their symptoms in order to determine if one of the ongoing studies would be a good fit for them. In the informed consent process, the research staff will review the specific risks and benefits of entering research. Patients may also sign up for the BCRP’s Volunteer Research Registry by e-mailing their name, date of birth, and phone number to

Learn more about our current studies.

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