The BCRP provides ongoing treatment to adult patients with bipolar disorder, including medication treatment and psychotherapy where appropriate. Follow-up appointments with doctors at the clinic may be scheduled after an initial evaluation or participation in a research protocol. Long-term follow-up treatment is generally available only to those living near enough to the hospital to make ongoing visits practical.

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Research & Clinical Trials:

The BCRP also conducts a variety of Clinical Trials. Learn more about enrolling in a research study or read about current studies being conducted. Patients who meet eligibility requirements for research projects will be invited to participate in ongoing studies. In the informed consent process, the research staff will review the specific risks and benefits of entering research. Current studies include clinical trials of new treatments as well as several studies that involve brain imaging or biochemical tests. Patients wishing to be involved in research are asked to call the BCRP’s triage phone line at 866-99-MOODS or 617-643-2076. Patients will be asked to answer questions about their symptoms in order to determine if they are eligible for one of the ongoing studies.

You may also join the BCRP’s Volunteer Research Registry (through which you will receive information about ongoing studies and current events at the clinic) by e-mailing the following information to

  • Birth date
  • Phone number
  • Diagnosis (if known)

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