Behavioral Medicine

The Behavioral Medicine Service (BMED) was founded by Dr. Steven A. Safren in 2004 with an integrative emphasis on providing specialized help to patients suffering from both a medical condition and mental health illness.

Our services include clinical, research, and training activities that focus on the intersection of psychology and health. Treatment programs and research emphasizes validated, state-of-the art, empirically-informed cognitive-behavioral interventions.

The BMED Service collaborates closely with other medical departments within the MGH including, but not limited to:

  • Cancer Center
  • Diabetes Center
  • Epilepsy Service
  • Infectious Disease Unit
  • Orthopedics Hand & Upper Extremity Services
  • Weight Center

Our Program

About our approach
Find out more about the clinical services offered by the BMED Service, including how to make a referral.

Meet our staff
Our staff is dedicated to helping patients as well as finding new ways to improve treatments.

BMED Research activities
BMED research projects are focused on developing ways to help individuals with a variety of health and medical issues.

Learn more about:

How to contact us:

Behavioral Medicine Service
One Bowdoin Square, 7th Floor
Boston, MA 02114

For clinical services, please call the MGH Psychiatry Outpatient Triage Line and request an appointment with a provider in the Behavioral Medicine Service:

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