Treatment & Services

The Behavioral Medicine Services include clinical, research, and training activities that focus on the intersection of psychology and health.


The BMED Service is very involved in training the next generation of Behavioral Medicine researchers, and provides a one-year training elective in Behavioral Medicine through the APA-approved pre-Doctoral internship in clinical psychology at the MGH/Harvard Medical School. General information and application materials (click on "How To Apply") for the pre-Doctoral internship in clinical psychology, as well as the one-year training elective in Behavioral Medicine, are available here.  If you would like to learn more about current Behavioral Medicine research projects, please visit the research activities section of our Web site. 

Clinical research Post-Doctoral Fellowships are also typically available; these Fellowships depend on the status of various internal or external funding mechanisms. Typically, we know about the availability of Post-Doctoral positions for July or September after the end of January of that year.

For more information about what might be available in the upcoming year, please email Dr. Steven Safren.

Additional Training

The BMED service provides additional training in clinical methods and research by offering Post-Doctoral Fellowships. Since 2004, BMED has trained 12 Post-Doctoral Fellows. Seven of these Fellows have been promoted to Instructors at the MGH /Harvard Medical School, two have assumed tenure track Assistant Professor positions at academic Psychology Departments, and 3 are currently Post-Doctoral Fellows.