In addition to consultation provided to Mass General’s inpatient pediatric medical and surgical units, the MGH Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Consult-Liaison Service provides outpatient psychiatric consultation to children with co-morbid medical and known or suspected psychiatric symptoms through The Child and Adolescent Medical-Psychiatry (ChAMP) Clinic.

Common reasons for presentation to the ChAMP Clinic include:

  • Rapid post-discharge follow-up for patients seen by the inpatient Consult-Liaison Service
  • Depression, anxiety or difficulty coping related to symptoms or treatment of medical illness
  • Suspected psychosomatic illness or psychological contributors to medical symptoms
  • Suspected psychiatric issues interfering with adherence to medical treatment
  • Illnesses such as fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue that have both psychological and physical manifestations

The ChAMP clinic follows a consultative model, providing diagnostic evaluation, treatment recommendations and, when indicated, stabilization and short-term care. For patients who have long-term treatment needs, referrals are provided to the appropriate mental health providers.

Our Staff:

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