About Our Program

We are a multi-disciplinary mental health staff of psychiatrists, psychologists, clinical social workers, clinical nurse specialist and substance use disorder specialists serving the out-patient mental health needs of residents of the Charlestown neighborhood and of patients of the adult and pediatric primary care services of the health center.

The Center for Community Health Improvement builds on MGH’s long term commitment to its health center communities of Chelsea, Revere and Charlestown, as well as Boston. Today, the MGH Center for Community Health Improvement has more than 35 partnerships and programs that aim to:

  • Prevent and reduce substance use
  • Increase opportunities for Boston students
  • Interrupt the cycle of family and community violence
  • Eliminate racial and ethnic disparities in health care
  • Improve access to care for vulnerable populations


Our comprehensive services include Counseling and Behavioral Services (Psychiatry, Psychology, Social Services)

Our staff participates actively in the Charlestown community, consulting with Head Start, schools, daycare centers and community agencies; working in elderly housing complexes; offering educational and screening programs at popular community sites.

We have a full-time bilingual and bicultural Spanish-speaking medical interpreter on site as well as Spanish-speaking healthcare providers and support staff. We also have the availability of interpreters for other languages.


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