Treatment & Services

About the Chelsea Mental Health/Social Services Clinic: We are a multi-disciplinary out-patient Mental Health clinic embedded within the MGH-Chelsea Health Care Center. Our program is designed by a staff committed to effective service.

About Our ProgramOur clinic serves approximately 2000 patients per year , with more than 1/3 being children. We provide individual, family, play therapy; couples therapy, group therapy, psychopharmacology, neuropsychological testing. All of these services are offered both English and Spanish. We do have other linguistic capabilities but not for all of the above services.

The Unit has a long history of providing training to social work, psychology , psychiatry residents and nursing interns. At times we also have psychology post-doc fellows participating on the Unit. We provide both didactic and clinical training to all of these disciplines.

We also offer specialized program to serve specific populations. Below is a list of such programs.

Special Programs:

  • Police Action Counseling Team (PACT)
  • Children Exposed to Violence Team (CEV)
  • Family Violence Team
  • Clinical Services at Chelsea High School Student Health Center
  • Clinical Services at ROCA Youth Health Center
  • Suboxone Program- in collaboration with Chelsea ASAP and Adult Medicine
  • LINK-Legal Initiative for Kids (partially funded by Mental Health Unit)

Our Staff

Brady, Caryn, LICSW
Bronson, Marybeth LICSW
Buoniconti, Liala, LICSW
Chang, Trina, M.D.
Cowal, Ed LICSW
Deloreto, Marie
Dreskin, Jane MD
Dresp, Christine, LICSW
Fishman, Bonnie, MSW, LICSW
Garcia, Litzania
Green, Georgia LICSW
Greer, Diane MD, Medical Director
Griffiths, Katherine LICSW
Grignon, Teresa, APRN, BC
Hill, Deborah LICSW
Jewett, Sheila LICSW
Leaf, Tamara PsyD
Lenk, Chris PsyD
Lundy, Nancy, Ph.D.
Lyons-Hunter, Mary Psy.D, Unit Chief
Massari, Christina
Meehan, Barbara
Miller, Pamela Ed.D., LICSW
Milosavljevic, Nada, MD, JD
Mohamed, Hodan, LICSW
Muccini, Beth LICSW
Murphy, Elizabeth, M.D.
Naidoo, Umadevi, M.D.
Pena, Merlin, BS
Sarno, Agnes
Shah, Sejal, M.D.
Soria, Victor MD
Suarez, Carlos, M.D.
Trovage, Melanie, LICSW
Yniguez, Katherine