Conditions we treat

With more than 15,000 patient visits a year, we are one of New England's busiest outpatient programs specializing in child and adolescent mental health.

Part of a world-class academic medical center, our program focuses on children and adolescents, though we often care for these patients well into adulthood. The most common conditions we treat include:


As leaders in the field, we develop treatment approaches that shape standards of care around the world. The wide range of psychological and medical treatments available through our program includes:


Mass General also offers specialty clinical services through the following programs, which are directly affiliated with Outpatient Child/Adolescent Psychiatry Services:

Expertise Spanning an Array of Specialties

A team of more than 20 child psychiatrists and more than a dozen child clinical psychologists provide expertise in this department, spanning an array of specialties, such as bipolar, anxiety, attention-deficit hyperactivity, obsessive-compulsive and depressive disorders, as well as coping with medical illnesses. Many are known as leaders in the diagnosis and treatment of various mental health disorders in children and adolescents.

Many of our clinicians also are actively engaged in research that enhances patient care through the development of new therapies or improvement of existing therapies.


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