Intensive Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Program for Youth with Anxiety Disorders

Director: Jamie A. Micco, PhD

For youth ages 8-24 years with more severe anxiety disorders, we offer an intensive therapy program. The intensive CBT is offered for 3 hours per day, for a maximum of 10 days. The focus is on teaching skills to tolerate and manage anxiety and on prolonged practice of facing fears in a progressive manner. In the intensive program, there is also the opportunity for the therapist to travel with the patient to their home or other places in the community where the anxiety is occurring. The advantages of this approach are: 1) the possibility of making greater progress in a shorter amount of time, 2) the option of scheduling therapy during a school break or vacation, and 3) the possibility of practicing skills directly in the environment in which they are needed, which may make therapy more effective.

The intensive therapy program is only for individuals whose primary concerns are anxiety, and who are otherwise medically and psychiatrically stable. Because it proceeds more rapidly and intensely, it is not appropriate for individuals who are at high risk of harming themselves, who are highly aggressive or noncompliant, or who are not motivated for treatment.

The first appointment is an evaluation session during which the clinician will conduct a thorough assessment to determine whether the intensive program is appropriate for your child. If so, he/she will discuss goals for treatment and will contract with you for the indicated number of days of intensive treatment. The minimum number of days of intensive treatment is 2, and the maximum is usually 10. On a case-by-case basis, it may be possible to add days of intensive treatment at the end of the contracted period.

At the end of the intensive treatment, families are provided with tailored treatment recommendations going forward. We also encourage a follow-up appointment with the clinician approximately one month after completion of the intensive program to refresh skills, assess progress, and troubleshoot obstacles that may have arisen.

Please note that, aside from the initial evaluation meeting, the intensive therapy program does not accept any insurance and is a self-pay program only. Cost of the intensive program is currently $685 per day of treatment. Costs of travel by clinicians to and from locations outside of the hospital are additional.

Because of the format of the program and the services provided, it is considered an elective treatment that is not reimbursed by the vast majority of insurances. You will be responsible for payment of all fees at the beginning of treatment, regardless of whether or not you/your child attend all of the contracted days. We cannot assist you in obtaining any insurance reimbursement for these services, either prior to or following completion of the intensive program.

If you are interested in the intensive therapy program, please complete this referral form.


If you have any questions about the program, please contact one of our patient service coordinators at (617) 643-9898, option 2.


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